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How to verify or change email address

To verify your email:

1. Visit https://enexiatk.com and click the Forgotton your username link or directly click this link https://enexiatk.com/lost_username.php then enter your email address and submit, if done correctly there an email with list of character associated with the email address will be in your mailbox (check your spambox if it is not in your inbox).

2. Inside the game, Press F2 -> Forgot Bank PIN -> enter your email address. If you entered the correct email address it will open a webpage with your Bank PIN.

To update / change your current email address to new one
Visit BlackMarket NPC at top right (043, 005) -> Choose Change Email -> Enter your current email address. If done correctly you will get a notice that change email option is enabled.
Then press F4 -> Change Email -> Request Secret Token -> Enter your current email address again. A web page will open and check your mailbox for the secret token. After you get the token Press F4 -> Change Email -> Change Email Address -> Enter the secret token -> then your new email address

If you have @yahoo email you may need to request assistance from GM to forward the mail to you since yahoo seem blocking all mail from our server.

Author: edric (10/11)




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