Download eNexia Patcher

Step One: Install NexusTK Client
Click here to download Repacked NexusTK 7.49 (Mega)
Click here to download Repacked NexusTK 7.49 (Direct Link)

Step Two: Download eNexia ddraw.dll Patcher
Click here to download eNexia Patch

Step Three: Extract and Copy eNexia NexusTK.exe & ddraw.dll Patch to NexusTK Folder

Step Four: Play

Click NexusTK to start the launcher

Click yes button to connect to eNexia

Click New Button to create your character
After you create character click the Continue Button to start playing! then enjoy!

Optional Step: (Deprecated only for client version 712)
If while you are playing, the object such as monsters, npcs, items and other player seem not to appears and you need frequent Ctrl + r to refresh your screen, please download and run this tiny script fix, after you run this script you will get a notice "eNexia hosts file fix has been added".
If you want to remove the hosts fix just run it again until you get notice "eNexia hosts file fix has been removed".
Note: You may need an administrator rights to run this script

Misc Files
If you are good on making map here is the Map Editor to help you

Here you can download all the Music and sound effects from NexusTK / Nexia
Click here to download

Older Client (Not supported anymore just for archive purpose)
Click here to download NexusTK 7.09 (Dropbox)
Click here to download NexusTK 7.12 (Mediafire)




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Active Population: 415
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