eNexia - Changelog / Updates

eNexia Changelog / Updates

Saturday, 4 April 2020: Battle Shogun
Spawn time reduced to 1 hour, drop rate already tripled from original rate, if you still don't get the drop thats mean you are really stinks, you may need to get chestnut instead.

Thank you

Saturday, 4 April 2020: Item Protection Changes
As suggested now it only protect BOD and Fragile Item from disappear on death, durability reduction penalty on death is applied normally.

If you were killed with the BOD item in your inventory then it will check if you have protection for that item slot supposedly equipped, then deduct the protection if any, otherwise it will be removed from your inventory.

Thank you

NOTE: F1 -> Item Information now will show if the item is BOD, let me know if i missed some.

Friday, 3 April 2020: Char Limit Test Run
We are now doing test run to limit 2 character per IP during peak hour (The peak hour is from 7PM until 12AM). We will run this limit for a couple of days until we get enough result before apply #2 limiter.

This limit will not be applied outside the peak hour 1AM to 6PM

Thank you and have fun

Friday, 3 April 2020: Server/Client Limit on Peak time
I have gathered data from the last few days after adding the new server. There could be various reason for this such as:

1. The VPS host is at full capacity during peak hour. Yes we are not on dedicated VPS yet, we can't afford it anyway with our current player base, it will be like throw money down the drain. We have observed most hunt session during off-peak time is not affected. Our main server CPU usage during peak time is average around 70%-85% while our network usage on 2 Mbps/s to 3 Mbps/s.

2. Client/Server Limit; This is probably other reason why most Nexia/Nexus server limiting party member not more than 15 members. The Client/Server is probably just could not handle frame update with lots of action in one screen, The server then respond with start dropping the connection on lagging or freezing clients. This is also why most server won't allow multiple client on same computer.

While I don't see such issue occur when our limit is still at max 15 party member. Since we started monetized the party slot this issue happen more and more with our increasing AFK clients lately.

Here is a few option for our short term solution while I am finding for the long term solution
1. We will start by limiting maximum connected client per IP from unlimited to 2 client only during peak time or during double exp hour is active
2. Disable additional max party slot. We will keep the limit on 15

Our long term solution will be adding new server and split the server into 3 dedicated area Trowulan, Buya and Nara, Our core team has manage to split the server into 3 separated area, the issue right now is they just can't make it to communicate each other YET. Anyway we can't add another server to implement this yet not until our unique user base is increased and our issue with multi server link is resolved.

So we will start implement short term #1 solution to see the result if the result #1 is not good then we will implement #2 solution.

Thank you

Sunday, 29 March 2020: BOD Accessories and Necklace
We have added new BOD (Break on Death) accessories and necklace on all Mythic EX and Vortex mini bosses. We have also doubled the drop rate for existing BOD accessories and some other accessories that will be required for the new BOD creation item

You can find the hint / recipe for the new BOD items creation in our hidden library.

You will also have chance to get Unknown Stone when killing any monster on any caves or dungeon. This unkown stone can be forged into Rune Fragment by Smith Eiken. The rune will be used for creation the new BOD item

Thank you and have fun :)

Saturday, 28 March 2020: Server Up & Warrior spell adjustment
Server is up, hopefully there is no issue with it, we will monitor how it goes for couple days.

We adjusted some aether of warrior spells for reincarnation tier

Thank you

Wednesday, 25 March 2020: Planned Maintenance
We are planning to do the server maintenance on Saturday, 28th March 2020 09:00 AM. Estimated downtime will be around 2 to 6 hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We are trying to add a new database and web server to reduce the load on our main game server. Hopefully there will be no issue on the process so we can get the server up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support, hopefully with this maintenance we can provide better service and experience.

Best Regards,

Wednesday, 25 March 2020: Snowball and Elixir (Death Match Mode)
We have added death match mode for Snowball and Elixir mini games, it will rotate between normal and death match mode alternately. If the game is on death match mode, you only need one hit from arrow / snow to kill your target.

Thank you and have fun :)

Thursday, 19 March 2020: Update & Crashed
It appear someone has bringing COVID-19 into the server, we will keep monitoring what caused the crash, we already have suspect who might be infected. More crashed might happen until the COVID-19 user fully isolated.

As suggested all gathering materials price has been adjusted to almost exactly same with any other mats to avoid inflation on our market

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

NOTE: Please reach me if you found anything weird and not working as expected, don't take it as granted or you will get some trouble.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020: Black Market Rent Option
We have added rent option for almost all Black Market Chronus Item, except scroll and skin item. Rented item is not tradeable and will be gone when expired, you can check the remaining time from F1 -> Item information menu.

With this new feature implemented, we are preparing weekly / monthly ranked event, that will get unique time based item/equipment/mount reward.

Thank you and have fun :)

Saturday, 7 March 2020: Misc Update
Reduce Auto Gathering Option from 200 Chronus to 100 Chronus per 30 days. (Price is not final we will keep monitoring until get satisfied result)

Only player with Knight of New Kingdom of the Wind legend will get Gold, EXP and ePoints from AFK. Once you completed the Knight of New Kingdom of the Wind quest, you will get 7 days Auto Gathering Trial bonus.

Friday, 6 March 2020: Auto Gathering Update
Since there are a lot of player abusing the auto gathering service by creating multiple character across different IP, to make it under control, we decided to change it into monthly premium services.

To enable this auto gathering option you will have to purchase it from the Black Market NPC.

For our VIP and VIP+ members the auto gathering option will be enabled automatically as long as your VIP status is remain active.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

1. One char per IP rule when doing auto gathering is still
2. We have updated our player submitted IM section.

Monday, 2 March 2020: Security Improvement and IM Update
Since there are some messages about missing account/character, we have improved our verification system related to your account.

Forgot Bank PIN and Change Email now required an extra step to verify the owner by going through your email to click the verify link or input secure token sent to your email address. Hopefully with this update will keep your account more secure. But please remember this system is not foolproof.

IM Shop and ePoint shop will also required you to enter Bank PIN every 20 minutes inactivity or every time you login.

We have updated our IM, you can find it in player submitted section. For those who submitted the item you will get 5% royalty point (rounded down) based on the selling price if sold successfully. You can claim this royalty point into Chronus from black market kafra menu.

Thank you and have fun :)

WARNING: Never share your EMAIL and/or BANK STORAGE PIN and/or PASSWORD to anyone else (GM included).

Sunday, 1 March 2020: Minor update and optimization
While looking for hearing aids for our Gungnae Inn warper, we decided to allow shouting for warp command, the command is still same the only difference is you can also use Shift + 1 or ! to warp.

Thank you

Saturday, 15 February 2020: Maintenance Completed
Server has moved to new provider successfully, we will monitor it for few days, hopefully this server provide more stable connection.

Note: if you cant connect to the server you may need to flush your network cache or just download the new ddraw.

Thank you

Saturday, 15 February 2020: Server Maintenance 09:00 AM
Since the feedback from our current service provider is not satisfying, I have been searching for another service provider and currently setting it up for our new server.

I will take this server down on 15th Feb 2020 09:00AM to move the latest data to the new server. Estimated down time will be around 1 to 2 hours.

After moving we will test run for few days. Hopefully there will be no issue at all and have a better experience.

Please let me know if you see any improvement on our new server

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thursday, 13 February 2020: Anniversary and Valentine Event
Last year valentine event quest will be available again, the anniversary weapon quest will also available on 14th Feb 2020

Also just for one day we will give 10% bonus on every Chronus package purchase and activated on 14th Feb 2020

Thank you and have fun :)

Tuesday, 11 February 2020: GFX Mode
Wandathana at eNexia Black Market have new option to enable GFX mode for all our benefactor. It will only show when you are on IM fitting mode.

GFX Mode will enable player to browse all available graphic from weapon, shield, armor, helmet, etc. Also icon and monster/npc and not forget spell effect as well as sound effect from a simple chat command. You can see available command by typing in the chat box 'gfxhelp' while the GFX mode is ON

This way you can propose an item or spell graphic and/or sound effect to change or update or be added as new item.

If you want to propose an update you will need to send nmail with the following format

What: [Armor|Weapon|Shield|Helmet|Coat|Mantle|Crown|Etc] *
Name: [Item Name]
Look: [# from gfx command ] **
Icon: [# from nicon, picon or icon #]
Sound: [# from nsound, psound or sound #] ***
Why: [Tell me why it needed to be added/updated] ****

Name: [Spell Name]
Effect: [# from nspell, pspell or spell #]
Sound: [# from nsound, psound or sound #]
Description: [Spell Description]
Why: [Tell me why it needed to be added/updated] ***

* Choose one. Most equipment need to have their look and
icon matched
** Example command to get Look are armor #, narmor, parmor,
nshield. Type gfxhelp for complete list
*** The item sound, mostly used for weapon swing sound
**** Convince me why it needed to be added/updated


What: Other
Name: Gold Chesnut
Look: N/A
Icon: 214 Color 25
Sound: N/A
Why: Color #25 look like gold color

What: Weapon
Name: Spirit Fire Sword
Look: 30 Color 326
Icon: 776 Color 326
Sound: 3
Why: Spirit fire sword should look more spirit like with #3 sound effect

Sunday, 19 January 2020: Fishing, Item Skin and Protection
We have updated how fishing works, now you don't need to say fishing anymore all you need is get a rod from the fisherman and equip it then stand near the river around the bridge, you will automatically start fishing until the bait is gone or the rod is broken.

Item skinning also updated, when you use the skin it will permanently update the look and icon, you can remove it again from F2 Kafra menu, once you apply the skin to the item it will be bound to you, the skinned item is not tradeable / depositable. You have to remove the skin first to trade or deposit.

Be careful when skinning fragile or Break on death item, if the skinned item is broken, the skin will be gone too. We will not entertain missing item skin request because of BOD item

Item protection is added as well, when used on equipment slot it will be protected from death penalty, you can check the protection status from F1 menu, if the protection is 0 which mean there is no active protection on respective equipment slot. If the number is 5 mean you have 5 times death penalty protection. Each time player is death it will deduct the protection by 1 on all active protection.

We will be releasing more BOD sub accesories and necklace for all mini bosses on EX and Vortex, probably after chinese new year

Thank you and have fun :)

Friday, 17 January 2020: Chinese New Year 2020
The Chinese new year event will begin from 22 January 2020 23:00 (GMT+7) until 2 February 2020 23:00 (GMT+7).

We wish all player a happy and prosperous new year.

During this Chinese new year event we also give out another 15% bonus for every Chronus top up.

Thank you and have fun :)




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