eNexia - Changelog / Updates

eNexia Changelog / Updates

Sunday, 28 November 2021: Minor Bugfix and Update
We have fixed several new discovered bug reported from our player, thanks for cooperating with us

Dam stat display issue is because of client limitation which can't display above 127 so we make it always display 127 if you Dam stat more than above, damage and bonus calculation is not affected, you can always check your stats from F1 Menu => Character Info option

Thank you

Wednesday, 3 November 2021: Halloween Maze Event Result
We have audited the Halloween Maze event score and here is the results

Rank 1
King with 163 points

Rank 2
SREMBUTZ with 108 points

Rank 3
Malfice with 97 points

Congratulations to the winners. Thanks to all player for participating on the event. Prize can be claimed at NPC Baile at South Buya

Saturday, 16 October 2021: Halloween 2021
Halloween event will start on October, 26th 2021 00:00:00 (Server time) until November 2nd 2021 23:59:59 (Server Time). There will be another ranked Halloween Maze event as well.
Monster EXP inside the event has been updated according to your marks, Halloween candy reward also has been adjusted according your VIP and Benefactor rank status, you will have better chance to obtain more than 1 candy depends on your status.

We have added new exchange candy menu where you will get a random item or gold. We also added the the best OX Sword "OX Sword Z" to the random prize pool.

To win the event all you need to do is enter the Halloween ghost house and complete the maze as many times you can. Everytime you complete the ghost house you will be given one point, you can check you total point from ranking page at the MENU button below.

Rank will be updated regularly. Any sort of cheating / abusing bugs in the game will be disqualified and punishment will be given accordingly. Top three player with highest score will be given reward stated below.

Rank 1st reward:
A Legend Mark, 1500 Chronus, one pair of subaccessories, a necklace (*)

Rank 2nd reward:
A Legend Mark, 750 Chronus and one pair of subaccessories (*)

Rank 3rd reward:
A Legend Mark and one pair of subaccessories (*)

During this Halloween event we also give out another 10% bonus for every Chronus package purchase and activated.

Make your way to the top and have a fun hallowen party :)

(*) All event item rewards are bound to the winner, break on death and pre-enchanted (random enchant type and rank).

Saturday, 16 October 2021: Chongun Revamp, Boards and Event Updates
Chongun Art of War updated, now the damage return is not reduced by armor.

Monthly ABCD Battle Event posts are having a new home on the Monthly ABCD Events board, so the other event post will be stay visible and easy to access.

Get ready for the upcoming Halloween Maze event (details will be posted later on the Events board), the monster EXP has been updated and scale depends on your marks. Candy rewards also reworked to depend on your Active VIP status and Benefactor Rank so you will have better chance to obtain more candy when you completed the maze. That should help you get more candy than normal player during the events :)

Thank you and have fun

VIP status event notes
Normal player don't complaint, you just need to work harder to obtain more the candy.

Thanks to all VIP and Benefactor players for their continuous support on our server.

Wednesday, 29 September 2021: Muse Update
Muse attack aura should stay as long you are around the caster now
Let me know if you still encounter misssing aura

Thank you.

Thursday, 23 September 2021: Geomancer Subpath Revamp
We have changed the geomancer self buff goodearth to party buff around 3x3 the caster, while goodearth is active player will get improved healing effect and also armor bonus.

Thank you

Sunday, 19 September 2021: Jujak Subpath Revamp + Change Enchantment
We are starting to revamp the less popular subpath by changing the spell mechanic or spell effect and below is our first revamp for Jujak Mage

Jujak Evocation spell is revamped since it is pretty useless againts the targeted heal from player or monsters bosses, now it won't get dispelled by heal or any other skills, but we have to change its maximum vita increase to 200% only.

The Smith on Blackmarket have learned another skill to aid our player to change their enchanted item to another enchantment type at a cost of chronus, however there is a small risk the process will reduce its enchantment few level.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021: Enchantment Minor update
We have added double confirmation and consent when changing enchantment type, no more excuse if you still can't read or whatsoever regarding this.

Thank you

Thursday, 9 September 2021: Bounty and Invoke spell update
We have added a new option to cancel your posted bounty so you can cancel it anytime if no one completed your bounty.

We also updated the Invoke spell, the 1 sec aether on Poet should work properly now, if you cast invoke when your mana is full the health cost is reduced to 10% of your max mana, if your mana not full normal cost is applied which is 40% of your max mana. This should help keep you alive during accidental invoke during lag or macro malfunction.

Thank you

Sunday, 29 August 2021: Mhul Quest Line change
Due to known issue with multiple npc exist on certain location which causing some verbal action quest to break, we have decided to add one hour time limit for you to take the NPC which follow you to their destination (which can be done in just few minutes), if you passed this time limit then you will have to start your quest all over again.

So make sure your quest updated until you don't have any NPC following you (try F4 Menu and toggle NPC follow ON to check your NPC status), If you have any NPC following you then this is the best time to turn your quest in before the next reset otherwise you have to start the quest again.

Thank you

Thursday, 26 August 2021: Server Update
We are trying to optimize the network between server so we have moved the server route around. If you can't connect after this update you may need to download the new ddraw.dll from our download page or our shoutbox

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Monday, 23 August 2021: Clan Hall Update and Minor Fix
Portal can be added now, only portal to outdoor for now, adding a portal cost Clan Gold and Exp and have limited number of usage
number of portal can be added is depends on your clan level

Since the clan portal is added now, we decided to fix the known teleport bug from shaman and mini games.

Thank you

Thursday, 19 August 2021: Clan Hall Update
We have released the clan hall for all Level 1+ clan, if your clan havent reach level 1 you will not have clan hall, once your clan is level 1, you can submit Clan Hall request to me then it will be added on the next reset, our regular server reset is every 3 or 4 days.

Clan primogen will have a new Clan Hall option in the Clan Menu, You must set your clan hall entrance at any location of your choice, make sure it doesn't blocking anything. Only your clan member will be able to see the entrance If you have F4-Show warps option enabled.

You can add NPCs from Clan Hall menu once you are inside your clan hall. There is one time fee to add each NPC which will be deducted from clan vault. NPCs available to add are depends on your clan level. Once added you can move it anywhere using the same menu.

You can buy your Clan Hall Card from clan keeper once you have added her, you can use this card to teleport directly to clan hall or give this card to non clan member so they can visit your hall from the Clan Entrance, non clan member can't teleport directly.

Portal option will be added on the next update, this will give your clan member to teleport most outdoor location at ease

Thank you and have fun

Monday, 16 August 2021: Clan Hall Info
Clan hall are about to be released, there a few things still need to be sorted out to make it can be configured by system automatically; like adding npc, portal, hidden entrance and etc

All clan will start with default clan hall as seen here

If you want to have a custom clan hall map you can design yourself using the map editor here
map size must be exact 30x30 tiles
Here is the default hall sample, if you make changes make sure to edit the F3 path also to mark walkable part

Thank you

Wednesday, 11 August 2021: Event Update and Bug Fix
We have updated upcoming recycled event mob spawn time from initially every two hours to every one hour.

To solve the map fragment shortage our mysterious merchant (Pai Wan) at Black Market are able to source some limited number of fragment from Haku hunters. Our Clan Masters also provide exchange quest point to map fragment.

We have also fix some minor bugs and the recent crash issue (hopefully)

Thank you

Thursday, 5 August 2021: Independence Day eNexia Point Bonanza
Event will start on 12 August 2021 00:00:00 Server Time and will end on 22 August 2021 23:59:59 Server Time.

The event rules are simple all you need to do is collect as many eNexia Point as you can during the event.
You can collect eNexia Point from top up Chronus and spend your Chronus, you will get 1 eNexia Point for every 100 Chronus top up or by spending 200 Chronus. eNexia Point from bounty and daily reward is not calculated in the event.

The top 3 eNexia Points Collector during the event will get the following prize

Rank 1st reward:
A Legend Mark, 1500 Chronus, one pair of Independence Bonanza Soul, one Independence Bonanza Badge and one rare event mount (!)

Rank 2nd reward:
A Legend Mark, 1000 Chronus, one pair of Independence Bonanza Soul and one Independence Bonanza Badge (!)

Rank 3rd reward:
A Legend Mark, 500 Chronus and one pair of Independence Bonanza Soul (!)

(!) Event item rewards are bound to the winner and pre-enchanted (random enchant type and rank)

Consolation reward:
Don't worry if you don't reach the top three, we will give out TIMED sub accessories set depends on your eNexia Points collected with the following rules:
Above 500 Points = one pair of eNexia Bonanza Soul (Timed 30 days)
Above 250 Points = one pair of Mystical Skull or Two Headed Trident (Timed 30 days)

All participants also will get a legend mark about participated on this event.

There is also recylced event from the last year
Talk to Dock near the Buya Palace, you can get the special event coat from him, this coat only available during the event and will be removed once the event ended.

We also give addtional 10% for every Chronus package top up during the event.

Remember this is PRIVATE SERVER so spend wisely, only spend what you can afford to lose.

Thank you and have fun :)

Wednesday, 4 August 2021: Clan Quest and Rift Update
We have added new caption on the Rift timer to differentiate normal rift and clan quest rift, so if you are on clan quest, make sure you enter from F2 Clan Quest menu

Thank you

Saturday, 31 July 2021: Rift and Clan Quest Instance Update
Clan Quest instance and normal rift instance are now separated so it won't conflict with normal rift. Only the boss in the clan quest instance will be counted to complete the clan quest.

Thank you

Tuesday, 27 July 2021: Recent reboot
Here is the news from our ISP

"Our monitoring system indicated an issue with the hardware node hosting the instances listed in this email. Our engineering team has investigated the issue and initiated a restart of the host node in question."

We still don't know if the issue already resolved or not, so you might experience another unexpected restart from our ISP.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Sunday, 11 July 2021: Clan Quests and Clan Shop
Clan Quest update which brings you a total of 4 quests that can be done individually and 1 quest of your choice that need party of your clan member to complete. Clan Party Quest are instance type like Mount Haku, let me know if there are some conflict between those two.

War Shop are now defunct, introducing a new Clan Point Shop that can be individually accessed from Clan Menu. Your Clan Points can be seen on F1 -> Character Info menu, which obtained by completing the Clan Quests.

Normal Rift Instances will be closed in 60 seconds after the bosses killed.

Thank you and have fun :)




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