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Schadenfreude pt.2

The vast majority of us don't. If an elderley person falls in public, 99% of us would try to help that person up or we'd at least be concerned. So generally we don't enjoy watching others suffer, it's unnatural. But envy, revenge and other factors can sometimes override our nature.

If you've ever seen a car crash video on Youtube, usually you can hear shouting, shock and concern in the background. Yet when you watch supercar fails and crashes, everyone in the background is jeering. It's also not rare to hear of nice cars getting keyed or having their tyres slashed for no apparent reason.

Some people enjoy when others who are seemingly doing better than them suffer. Life isn't easy and they don't like the idea of others coasting through it, doing everything that they wish they could. So when that person suffers they think ?good, he/she deserves it".

Karma/retaliation/revenge is another common reason. ?Giving him a taste of his own medicine".

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Jon Schwarzmiller
Jon Schwarzmiller
Answered Feb 12 2017
Because inherently most people like to feel superior to the other person. If someone is suffering than we get inward pleasure that 1.) that their situation isn?t ours 2.) that we are somehow ?making better? choices than the person who is suffering and thus we can feel better about ourselves. A lot of people are insecure about themselves and seeing others in a bad situation makes us inwardly happy especially those we don?t like. The human race is evil, if you can prove otherwise you are arguing against 6000+ years of recorded history and yes it repeats itself.

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Fran Wofford
Fran Wofford, former Manager of Many Medical Offices (2000-2008)
Answered Jan 31 ? Author has 369 answers and 35.6k answer views
I personally think they're sick. Anyone who likes to watch somebody suffer as got some mental deficiency. But for some reason our society loves to look at Blood, Guts and Gore. I myself love the crime stories and Investigation Discovery Channel. It's not that I like to see people get murdered are hurt, but I want to find out the reason why they do what they do

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Laura Montero
Laura Montero, I managed to change my life to whatever I wanted it to be so far.. ;D
Answered May 13 2016 ? Author has 1k answers and 665.7k answer views
I like or have fun looking at those who fall over, especially the pretentious ones. Those who are trying to show off and fail. Those make me laugh the most. Only if if I see it?s only their pride that has been hurt. Not them physically all that much.

For the rest, I don?t enjoy seeing or watching people suffering at all. Seeing people in africa starving food makes me feel very miserable and powerless.

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Daniel Doherty
Daniel Doherty, Yeah, Science
Answered Mar 4 ? Author has 183 answers and 40.7k answer views
They?re arseholes that?s why. Some people enjoy making and/or watching others suffer because it fuels their pride and arrogance and makes them feel better about their shitty lives!

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Anagha Tiwari
Anagha Tiwari, Still selling heavy industrial products
Answered Nov 13 2017 ? Author has 310 answers and 40.4k answer views
This happens only with the people who have suffered loss many times and are tired of trying anymore. When they see others suffer they feel happy that they are not alone on the same road.

Author: chivela (4/29)




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