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Beginners Guide for new players (Part 1)

Greetings and welcome to eNexia.

This server is hosted in Singapore, and most of the population is Indonesian. However almost everyone speaks enough english to be able to communicate. I implore you, try it out for a bit. This is a wonderful community with funny, and dedicated people.

I have greatly enjoyed my time here, and I hope you do as well.

Background info
Nexus is an MMO released in the 1990s, as for the Americas, it was hosted initially by Nexon, later sold to KRU interactive.
It is currently still a pay-per-month title through that company.

That version, called NexusTK and this version HAVE MANY DIFFERENCES, so make sure you talk to someone, we can help if you have questions.

Getting started
Got through the tutorial?
Looking to either group up or find something to do?
Quest information?

On the board, under the Guide category is a large quantity of information regarding quests, dungeons, and "where should I be at level XX"

One thing to note, getting to level 99, is literally just the beginning of Nexus. Once you attain the maximum level, you can sell earned experience points for permanent stat gains.

IE: As a mage once you hit 99 you are roughly 5000 health points & 10,000 mana points. However, you have also earned about 2-2.3 million experience, at south gate Buya there is a merchant (just north of the Ring merchant) to which you can sell those exp to. For 10 million exp (initially) you can buy either 50hp or 25mp added on as permanent stat gains.

As I write this (2 weeks of play) I am 58,585 hp / 67,335 mp. So as you can see, the numbers can get very high, very fast.

The point of me saying this? STICK WITH IT! Give it a fair shot and you may really enjoy the end game of this classic.

As for the pre-99 levels:

- Stick to the Buya caves or if you go South 2 times from Gugnae, you come to the Ancient Graveyard. (See Guides for more info)

- Regularly check with your class mentor for "Future spells" you will see what you have to look forward to, and when you can get the most potent skills your class gets.

- The Mentors are located off the gates of Buya, Rogue is right next to West Gate, Poet is north east of South Gate, Mage is North of East Gate, and Warrior is west of North Gate. ---Look for the statues of the White Tiger (Baekho), the Black Turtle (HyunMoo), the Red Phoenix (Jujak), and the Blue Dragon (ChungRyong)

- Minigames: Elixer Wars, Snow Ball Fights, Carnages, and Water Sumo occur at the top of every hour, participating will add a line on your Legend, AND GIVE YOU 70% of the exp towards your next level! So take a break from the grind, and come have fun with us, it is worth it.

- Tips for progression:

- "Bones" - SAVE THESE. They can be turned in to the Shaman north of East Gate Buya for money, experience, karma, and Scrolls of Quest which are VERY useful.

- Jadespear, the tutorial / quest NPC North of the Inn in Buya offers a daily quest to kill one enemy. KILL NOTHING AFTER KILLING THE TARGET. Then turn in the quest. To get it say "Quest" in local chat, and "Complete" when finished.

- TALK TO OTHER PLAYERS! Everyone here is extremely helpful, and if you have a question about something, or even want to party for a bit, myself and many others will happily oblige.

- Tell your friends to try it out with you! Nexus is not very friendly to solo players, This is a difficult MMO, and a properly composed party can complete anything. The more people, the better the community as well.

Bugs and crash issues

This is a BETA! All of us are doing the best we can to improve the server to the best it can be. If you find something, let us know. Edric is on most of the time, and if you dont speak directly to him, tell someone or post it under the Bugs board, we will take a look and get it resolved.

Author: TheArbiter (5/27)




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