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((Hello From An Old TK Player))

((Hey there!

I played the official NTK for many years. I'm not sure if anyone here knows who I am, since I think everyone scattered to the four winds. But anyway, on NexusTK, my characters were: Briza, Guenhwyvar, Porrima, Nephila and Eris.

So far, I think I do like eTK. I'm not sure if anyone would be the least bit interested in any way, but I'm planning on (after I get the items and gold) making a clan that will focus on RP (role-playing.) I will probably start by trying to bring some fun RP games to this server and maybe helping people learn how to RP, if anyone who doesn't know how is interested. And to start a clan RP story for whoever wants to seriously RP.

This won't happen over-night, of course! But RP was always my favorite part of Nexus and I'm hoping to have it start here too, at some point soon!

Anyway, long introductions aside, hey, guys~~))

Author: Cymri (1/7)




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