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Worship Totem Items - To Increase Karma


1. Ametyst Stone - Every Wednesday
Drop Location 1: Fox Cave - Buya (X125,Y144)
Kill White Wolf (Room 2-4)
Kill Lightning Wolf (Room 4-9)

Drop Location 2: Arctic (North Tanais - X060,Y001)
Kill Snow Rabbit (Keep walking North)

2. Gods Slice - Every Saturday
Drop Location: Haunted House - Buya (X009,Y065)
Kill Fire Element (Room 7-10)

3. Gold Chestnut - Every Thursday,Friday,Sunday
Drop Location: Rabbit Cave - Buya (X052,Y135)
Kill Squirrel (Room 1-3)

4. Holy Pelt - Every Monday
Drop Location: Bear Cave - Buya (X111,Y125)
Kill Old Tiger (Room 1-6)
Kill Old Black Tiger (Room 3,4,5,6)

5. Sute Key - Every Thusday
Guide No.14 from Edric (Without Step 3)
Drop Location: Sute Cave - Buya (X103,Y022)
Kill Sute

Reference (Guide No.52, Guide No.65, Guide No.72, Guide No.85)

(Thanks to Edric, Leonidas, Eclair, Mangkubumi, Kitteh for Reference)


Author: TristaN (12/5)




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