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Sublime Alliance with the Rooster

Requirements :
Lesser alliance with Rooster
Greater alliance with Rooster

Quest ini dilakukan dengan kondisi sbg berikut :
Lesser Tiger
Lesser Snake
Lesser Sheep
Greater Dragon
Greater Horse
Greater Rooster

Step 1 :
- Ke room terakhir Rooster, Ketik "Sublime"
- Kill 20 Eclipse (Rabbit)
- Bawa 20 Lucky Coin (dari Blue Bat di Red Tiger Cave Buya r2 & r3)

Step 2 :
- Kill 15 Cramp (Rat)
- Kill 15 Hatii (Dog)
- 15pc Dark Key
- 15pc Silver Chalice
- 15pc Heaven key
- 15pc Poet Book

Step 3 :
- Kill 10 Choco (Monkey)
- Kill 10 Stormy Knight (OX)
- Kill 10 Savage Master (Pig)
- 10pc Dark key
- 10pc silver chalice
- 10pc Heaven Key
- 10pc Poet Book
- 10pc Cloud Key
- 10pc Yellow stone necklace

Reward :
1pc Shining experience gem
1pc Mythic Heart
Legend Mark
Karma 321 Point

Author: gggg (5/13)




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