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Sublime Alliance with HORSE

This quest is a continuation from any of your Greater Alliances.

You need to pay attention to your Lesser Alliances and Greater Alliances because the items needed will differ according to your LAs and GAs and what monsters you will have to kill)

To do this quest you'll need to go to the last room on Mythic Horse and say "Sublime"

~Part 1~

For this quest, The NPC ask you to kill 20 Cramp (This is Horse's Enemy Leader ), you must report after killing all 20 Cramp.

Then it'll ask for 20 Heaven keys - Report.
Then it'll ask for 20 Poet Books - Report.

After submitting those kills, you have completed part 1.

~Part 2~

For my case, the NPC asked to kill 15 Haitii & 15 Eclipse (These are my 2 Greater Alliances Enemy Leader ). After killing, go back and report.

The NPC asked for 15 Earth Keys - Report,
Bring 15 Lucky Coins - Report,
Bring 15 Dark Keys - Report,
Bring 15 Silver Chalice - Report.

After going back and forth submitting those items, you have completed Part 2.

~Part 3~

The NPC will ask you to kill 10 of your LAs enemy leaders. Mine are 10 Stormy Knight, 10 Savage Master, 10 Choco (These are my 3 Lesser Alliances Enemy Leaders (Sheep x Ox, Snake x Pig, Tiger x Pig).
Once you finish killing them - report.

It will ask for 10 Earth Key - report.
Bring 10 Lucky Coin - report.
Bring 10 Dark Keys - report.
Bring 10 (forget what item) npc will tell you - report.

Bring 10 Cloud Key - report,
Bring 10 Yellow Stone Necklace - report.


Legend, Karma, 5 Shinning Experience Gem, Mythic Heart.
And if you say sublime to the NPC he will heal full Health and Mana.

~Time Saving Tips~

1.Bring your spouse / blood sister / blood brother or anything you could use ring to instead of running back and forth to report. Because the NPC will have you bring things to him many times, it's easier to have mobile bank or have your spouse hold them for you if you've parked them at NPC.

2.The NPC won't tell you which monster to kill, so once again! You need to pay close attention to your Greater Alliances & Lesser Alliances. (For references Dragon x Dog, Tiger x Monkey, Rooster x Rabbit, Sheep x Ox, Snake x Pig, Horse x Rat)

3.If you don't want to wait for those bosses to respawn every 30 minutes, you could go to the Battlefield and summon those bosses with some Chronus. Do it if you want to cut the time by more than half because it's very time consuming!


Author: Mimi (4/17)




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