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Second Mark

Go To Main hall at Trowulan, Then Go to Library (005,008) and find the hidden Library (010,004).
Then Find the Book "Knight Ascension" .
Then go to North Nagnang to Sacred Palace.
Talk To Udohorn To start Quest 2nd mark.

Required Stats:
Warior: 300/100
Mage: 100/200
Poet: 150/100
Rogue: 200/150

-150 Minor quests
-50 Daily work quests
-75 Blessed by the stars quests
-Expert Lumberjack, Miner, or Shepherd
-Talented Sawmiller, Miner, Weaver, or Gemcutter

-Key of life
-Key of totem
-Fire dragon scale
-Sea dragon scale
-Pure ice
-Mystic heart
-Silver compass
-Christal of five demon (quest item)
-5 christmas rose
-100 Zibong essence
-2m gold
-2m Experience

Author: Excaliber (10/19)




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