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Quest Mystery Scroll Versi Lengkap


Legend: Completed Mystery scroll quest

- obtained legend Destined to become a knight of New Kingdom of the Wind

1. Bring 10 gold chestnut then yell/shout "Mystery Scroll" (use !) near NPC Doro at East Gate Gungnae (195 118)
2. He'll give you Mystery Scroll 1 and will ask you to meet NPC Nien (Buya 096 121)
3. Get 10 Amethyst Stone and talk to NPC Dong (Gungnae 075 148), he'll gives you Pure Amethyst
4. Drop that Pure Amethyst at South Gate Gungnae (105 217)
5. Meet NPC BumBa at outside North Gate Trowulan (085 004), bring him 30 Star Point and he'll ask you to kill 1 White Scorpion, 1 Giant Scorpion, and 1 Red Scorpion (scorpions from Scorpion Cave Buya), make sure you kill the right scorpion before talk to him again
6. He'll gives you Mystery Scroll 2 after you finished the task
7. Bring those scrolls to NPC Lordo (Dae Shore 075 031) then go meet NPC Lie in Gungnae (064 158)
8. Bring 1 Old Red Ring to NPC Lie (outside Gungnae Inn under the tree)
9. Then meet NPC Seon (Gungnae 126 017), give him Mystery Scroll 1, Mystery Scroll 2, and 20 bone
10. After that, talk to any city guard at Gungnae Gate, they'll ask you to go to Jacheon Forest to find wandering old man
11. Find that old man NPC (with green robe and holding staff) in Jacheon Forest (it's a big map, you'll take some times to find him)
12. Then click Mystery Scroll End at Jacheon Forest (170, 049) to end the quest

- legend
- pair of accessories
- 500,000 gold

Required items:
10 gold chesnut
10 amethyst
30 star point
1 old red ring (Buya Tiger Cave/buy at Buya Acc Shop)
20 bone

Created by Durin
Thanks to Kutumbaba

Author: Gohan (2/23)




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