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Quest Destiny Weapon Versi Lengkap


- Helped Atkin with his revenge against the Caribbean Pirates
- Forged Destiny Weapon

- obtained legend Destined to become a knight of New Kingdom of the Wind

1. Meet NPC Kim at Palace Office 2 inside Trowulan Palace
2. Trowulan Palace located west from North Gate Trowulan across the bridge (Trowulan 022 028)
3. He'll ask you to go find Trowulan Blacksmith (Trowulan 056 061), then go to Volcano
4. Go south from Trowulan, then go south from Southern Trowulan Path, then go west from Ancient Path (000 023)
5. Go inside the cave (Volcano 055 089) talk to NPC Atkin about 'Gold Statue' He will ask you to bring Heart of Pirates
6. Heart of Pirates drop from Jack Sparrow, boss at Ghost Ship Room 6 (make sure you talk to Atkin and quest toggle updated, otherwise heart won't drop from Jack Sparrow)
7. Give the heart to NPC Atkin and you'll get helped Atkin legend
8. Meet Trowulan Blacksmith to forge your destiny weapon

Destiny weapon requirements:
- 500,000 gold
- your totem key
- L60 L70 L80 and L90 your path weapon

Lvl 60 - Death Brain
Lvl 70 - Trident
Lvl 80 - Titan Spear
Lvl 90 - Charm Rod

Lvl 60 - Maxcaliber
Lvl 70 - Goblin Bat
Lvl 80 - Electra
Lvl 90 - Spiky Bat

Lvl 60 - Sadistic Staff
Lvl 70 - Shocker Trident
Lvl 80 - Star Staff
Lvl 90 - Wave Rod

Lvl 60 - Moon Blade
Lvl 70 - Soldier Fork
Lvl 80 - Spiky Dagger
Lvl 90 - Bloody Sickle

Created by Durin
Thanks to Norick

Author: Gohan (2/23)




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