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QUEST Wind Knight [WARRIOR Guide]


Requirement: Warrior Level 99

1. You can start from Jadespear by clicking him an choose Wind Knight, or you can go meet NPC Kim at Palace Office 2 inside Trowulan Palace right away
2. Trowulan Palace located west from North Gate Trowulan across the bridge (Trowulan 022 028)
3. Then from Main Hall go to top right corner (017 002)
4. NPC Kim will give you list of monster (kill 50 each, total 300 monsters)
Visit eNexia Wiki to get details about monster, drop, and location
5. Then report back to NPC Kim and get another list of monster
6. After that report again to NPC Kim and he'll give you list of item
7. Collect those item and report back again to him
8. He'll ask you to go find Trowulan Blacksmith (Trowulan 056 061)
9. Click that NPC Blacksmith and choose option the Wind Knight

Kill 300 kingdom traitors (50 for each monster)
Ghost Cave, (Buya: 132, 22)
Ghost Warrior
Broom Life
Green Eggogo
Green Leech Egg
Fire Element
Skeleton Swordman

Ghost Ship, East Dae Port -> Talk to Fisherman
25 Pirate Ship Crew room 4-6 (either "Putrid Pirate" or Decaying Bucaneer, sorry I forgot)
2 Pirate Ship Leader (Angel Jack & Black Jack, kill them twice, spwan time: 15 minutes)

1 Spiky Bat
12 Star Point
50 Mountain Ginseng


- Legend: Destined to become a knight of New Kingdom of the Wind
- King/Queen Warrior Armor
- exp

Notes: I just give a bit revision and details for warrior path

refer to Guide 219

Thanks to Durin, Troy, OscarZ, Hyde, Hermione, and NAGA
(Previous author: GOHAN (2/23))

Author: Ruble (5/28)




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