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Karma Point Update - 31 May 2020

- Daily Advanced Runner = 36 Karma Point
Catatan : 36 point
NO Donate Fine Clothes
NO Major
Hanya menjalankan Quest berikut :
Big Fish
Bless Star
Worship Totem
Bjorn Daily Duty Kill
Bjorn Daily Donate

- Daily Donate 100 Fine Clothes = 14point
- Daily Donate 50 Fine Clothes = ???
- Daily Donate 10 Fine Clothes = 1point

- Bjorn kill without killing the monster&boss = 0point YES 0 point even though you get holy light.
- Bjorn Kill monster only = 10point. (credits to Rayner)
- Bjorn Kill boss only = 2point.

- Sally Quest = 27point. (credits to Ax)
- Greater Alliance Quest = 242 Point (credits to Rayner)
- Sublime Alliance Quest = 321 Point

- Grand Quest Jadespear = 20 Point (credits to Rayner)
- Wisdom Quest at Jadespear = 10point if u finish 2 Wisdom Quest. (5points each finish)

- Pure Ice = -4% karma at lv 41 karma.

This karma point info will be slowly updated, after i get more silver compass.. ill tell you its not cheap to get this info.. every info need at least 2 silver compass to check. =(

I will put your name here if you donate Silver Compass for checking karma points..

Credits :
- gggg
- Rayner
- Ax

Author: gggg (5/31)




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