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Island Quests (Required)

Island Quests (Required)

Find Noling at the southern tip of the Island at 029, 062.
He will ask you to find a little girl called Ailana and help her. Go to 49, 59.
Ailana will ask you to find her Sister Ailani. She can be found at 59, 09.
Once you find Ailani, return to Ailana.

At some point during this you will reach Level 5 and be asked to pick a Class. Each Class Trainer can be found:
Warrior Trainer: 68, 62
Poet Trainer: 63, 37
Mage Trainer: 08, 19
Rogue Trainer: 05, 45

Learn the spells from your trainer once you choose your path.

Alana will now ask you to kill 10 Squirrels and find a 'Hard Coconut' from the squirels. You may need to kill more than 10 squirrels to find the Hard coconut.
While killing squirrels, talk to Nogo at 25, 21. He will teach you a new Spell. This will make killing Squirrels easier.
Return to Ailana once done. Afterwards go talk to Noling.
Noling will give you our your first hat and then ask you to to head north and speak to Yang at 35, 09.

Yang will ask you to go to the Cave 32, 34 and find the Weather bird.
Go through the Cave, kill the Green worn and Red worm, and then find the Weather bird.
He will give you Weather Crystals. Return to Yang with them, by going back through the cave.

After speaking to Yang, head south and return to Noling.
He will now allow you to leave the island.

You may chose to do so, but there are still more quests to do on the Island.

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