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Island Quests (Optional)

These quests Instructions Assume you have completed the Required Island quests (Post #37)

Ailana 49, 59
She will ask you to kill the squirrel leader. Kill squirrels until you get the message about the leader becoming enrages. It will give you the coordinates to find the leader. Kill it and return to Ailana without killing anything afterwards.

Yang 35, 09
Yang will ask you to kill 6 Crawlers in the Island cave (32, 34)
Kill 6 and return to him.

Repeat this quest 5 times until you get the Legend mark "Received blessing from the weather bird"

Todd ( 31, 47 )
Speak to Todd in the shop.
Speak to him again.
Find 2 Green Coconuts from squirrels or buy them in the Shop and speak to Todd again.
Speak to Todd again.
Give him one more Coconut.
Go to the Inn 22, 50.
Speak to the Inn Keeper and choose Post Office Services.
Receive your Parcel.

You can now leave the Island without being told you have unfinished business.

Author: Okyd (2/14)




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