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How to Kill Gruzar

How to kill Gruzar, Lord of Darkness

Of course simple rule to kill it,
"Cooperation" is the key,
Its really simple

Rule 1:
At least have 4 player in the Gruzar room.

Rule 2:
Gruzar has two form,
The first form is will able to summon its minion,
beware, when Gruzar summon minion, those player got bomb from its minion, please beware to stay away from other player to prevent bring death to others.

Rule 3:
Always focus on the screen,
There will be a Leader to call out the "Command"
this command is used to stop Gruzar from calling its Super Power once first form of Gruzar has death, become second form.
In the second Form, it will be stronger if Gruzar call out its power from 4 side Stone.
Now the fuction for at least 4 player is, to clik the stone before Gruzar leveling up from the power Gruzar drew from the Stone

How to Click?
1. Focus on Leader Command
2. Stand beside the stone, preferable stand closer to Gruzar, so player can have Heal Charm (if there is poet)
3. Usually will command "Ready" after Gruzar Start Drawing power from stone
4. Few seconds (5~10 seconds) after Gruzar start drawing power from Stone, leader will Command "CLICK"
5. so the other player must click the stone.
6. Click on the stone doesnt need in order, whether which colour come first, just click will do
7. After click, Gruzar will fail level up, so the hitter & caster can continue kill the Gruzar again
8. Several seconds again, Gruzar will start drawing power again
9. So repeat step 3~7 again.

1. Always click when Leader give Command
2. If someone has been wrongly click, others should back up immediately to prevent fail of click
3. Group/ Coorperation is the "Key" of success killing Gruzar,


Author: blackbtm (7/27)




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