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Guide Event Eid Mubarak

1. Start at buya gate S NPC Baile (Buya 75,129)
2. Go to Jacheon Forest gate B (000,101)
3. Collect peanut by killing Peanut Monster
4. More player = more exp and bonus peanut, so make sure to go together!
5. Exchange your 10 peanut for 1 Cake
6. If u give cake to another player, you can get Eid TOKEN
7. There are 2 NPC that can give u prize, 1 is NPC Dock (Buya 75,55) and another one is Baile at buya S
- Dock only accept Cake.
- Baile only accept Eid Token.

How to get Eid Token :
Give the cake to another player using H.
Press H while facing another player, then press alphabet for your cake, then press Y

Happy Eid Mubarak,
Minal Aidin Walfaizin.

Author: katsurikku (6/12)




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