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Guidance for New Player

First of all, Welcome back to Nexia!
I'm sure you already played this game more than 15 years ago.

Before you ask about what you have supposed to do to other player, PLEASE read it first!
I'd like to share information that you need when you first time arrived in this game.
These are everything that you need to do:

1. You will spawned in Jadespear (NPC building 057,122), you don't need to hunt until Lv. 99. Just click the NPC to become Lv. 99 (Gratz on your Lv. 99 instantly!)
--> You will received Jadespear Blessing for 7 days (Double your EXP!)

2. Type 'Wisdom' in that Jadespear room (Guide #207 for the answer)

3.After you looking around the map, dungeon and learn your spells, its very nostalgic, isn't it? Do your mandatory quest!
I will share the mandatory quest that you need finished it ASAP!
- Guide #219 (Wind Knight Armor) : To get your Lv. 99 Armor and daily EXP bonus
- Guide #97 (Rescuing Prince Muhl) : To get 500K gold and can go to Nara (Japan)
- Guide #220 (Destiny Weapon) : To get your Lv. 99 Weapon (Use your 500K gold that you received from Guide #97)
- Guide #221 (Destiny Shield) : To get your Lv. 99 Shield
- Guide #222 (Mystery Scroll) : To get your Lv. 99 Accessories
Gratz for your equipment completion! (Of course you can buy better equipment use Gold and Chronus if you had it)

4. While you completing the mandatory quest, you can do other quest - Guide #2, #8, #14, #32, #117, #16-#23. Do it! to increase your KARMA as well. As you know it, KARMA is very important in this game (You can check your karma level using the color of horse - Guide #86)

5. Do your daily job (It's very mandatory as well to do, to increase your KARMA also) - Guide #178-179
- Blessed by the Stars : use 1 star point
- Minor quest (Daily) : Get 1 minor quest legend -> NPC Jadespear (Check on tip No.1)
- Major quest (5 Day reset) : Get 5 minor quest legend -> NPC Jadespear
- Worship totem : Specific area based on your path/subpath totem - For the worship items, check on Guide #52
- Work : Do it daily to gain gold and karma - Guide #64
- Big Fish Donation : Do it when your are doing Work activity, prepare 1 Big Fish and give it to NPC at Silla (014.015). This is will be increase your Karma also!
- Bjorn/Dowhar kill and donation : You will get point to exchange to shield or mystery box, also you can get Karma.
- Fine Clothes Donation : Even only 10 pieces, my suggestion to not to do it this donation, because Fine Clothes its very small rate to get when your doing the production (Weaver skill) that others.
DO IT this daily job, to complete the requirement for the First Mark and so on.
You can reset the Daily Job using Scroll of Quest (Can get from change the bones to Shaman NPC or Giftbox) and instantly completion using Basic Daily Quest Runner or Advance Daily Quest Runner)

6. Sally Quest : You can check Guide #209 & #255, this is for preparation for you Reincarnation requirement later.

7. You can use Teleport to cut your time from City Guard at every Gate (All city, except Tanais, Hinterlands, Nagnang, and Japan area) - It's very helpfull when your are doing your Work activity, but there is limit when your reach certain level your Karma. If you still want to get this benefit, be VIP/VIP+

8. Crafting and Production skill : Choose only 1 skill for your crafting and production skill, always increase it the level to prepare your First Mark requirement also - You can check your Level skill use F1 (Crafting Interface)

Lastly, Please always read the GUIDE (Press Z on your keyboard), DO NOT lazy to read and always ask help before you READ it!

Hope that you will be enjoy this game, if you have any question do not hesitate to ask GM or Seniors :)

Author: godsgas (8/24)




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