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First Mystery of BangYin

1.To start the quest, you need to go to Trowulan Palace, and talk to Prince Mhul (03,03).

2.Go to Gungnae Library (167,125), talk to Jisan.

3.Go to Buya Blacksmith, choose BangYin sword then he will ask you to bring 'Token of Valor' and 'Token of Wisdom' to talk to Guardian Spirit at Whispering Woods.

4.To get 'Token of Valor', go to North Trowulan and go to the house where you exchange Key of Totem (113,37). Click the male NPC on the top left. He'll ask you to get 2 'Valor Essence' from RIFT HUNTER BOSSES, once you get 2 'Valor Essence' talk to him, he will give you Token of Valor.

5.To get 'Token of Wisdom', go to North Trowulan, talk to NPC on (86,04)

6. You will need to answer 3 of his riddles. The answers are as follows kite, future, and candle. After answering all the riddles, you will get 'Token of Wisdom'.

7.Bring those tokens and go to Whispering Woods which located at Kaming Camp, you go south (29,62). Once you inside go to (58,101), talk to the Guardian Spirit and it will give you 'Rift Ancient Map'.

8.Go to Mount Haku, do the rift using Rift Ancient Map and kill the boss, once you kill the boss, the Ancient Spirit NPC will appear. Talk to him and he will ask you to go to Shadow Caves.

9.To do so you need to go to Udohorn, talk to him. He will create the map but he need Dragon's Blood from Dragon's Lair (Dragon's Lair = Dragon Island).

10.Kill the dragons, Dragon's blood will appear in your inventory.

11. Go back to Udohorn with the blood, he will give you Rift Shadow Map.

12.Kill the boss and the 'BangYin Sword' will appear in your inventory.

13.Report back to Prince Mhul and you're done.

Legend 'Found the First mystery of BangYin'
Sword of BangYin
2 billion experience
1 million gold

Author: Culdesac (6/11)




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