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Damage Reduction (AC) Explanation

If you see on the Status Bar, you may see AC value. Normally it will show minus value, which indicates percentage of damage reduction.

AC value is different to Armor value (You may see Armor Value from f1/Character Info). Armor value is the total addition of all your equipment + buff, and it will be converted into AC value.

For example
AC = -40
this means 40% damage reduction. So if a monster damages you 100k, you will only get 60k damage.

AC = -85
this means 85% damage reduction. So if a monster damages you 100k, you will only get 15k damage.

MAXIMUM damage reduction is 85%, so although you upgrade your rein armor and get higher armor value, you will not get more than 85% damage reduction. Since damage reduction is only affected by AC value, not Armor value.

-------------------------------- AC Explanation End

So what is the aim to get higher armor value when the maximum damage reduction has been achieved?


1. For Warrior, they use Chung Ryong / Warrior Rage. Each level up, it will reduces user armor.

For example, for Warrior with Armor value of 16.100 / AC -85

Using Chung Ryong Rage 1 the Armor 15.200 / AC -85
Using Chung Ryong Rage 2 the Armor 14.300 / AC -85
Using Chung Ryong Rage 3 the Armor 13.400 / AC -85
Using Chung Ryong Rage 4 the Armor 12.500 / AC -83
Using Chung Ryong Rage 5 the Armor 11.600 / AC -77
Using Chung Ryong Rage 6 the Armor 10.700 / AC -71
Using Chung Ryong Rage 7 the Armor 9.800 / AC -65

So based on this, maybe to get AC -85 you should have at least 13.000 Armor value.

So as each rage reduces 900 Armor value, if you want to have AC -85 at Rage 7, so you need at least 19.300 initial Armor value (you can use higher armor equipment / enchant defense)

2. So if you are a warrior should you stop at 19.300 Armor value?

Think of the boss who can curse you. Curse lower down armor value. So keep increasing armor value, helps to maintain 85% Damage Reduction (Keeps Armor value higher than 13.000).

Thanks to Dominic for co-running this experiment :D

Please N-Mail me if anything seems wrong, i will revise it. Thanks!


Author: LanDrus (3/17)




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