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DE Hunting Roles (For Fast Hunt)

DD = Damage Dealer, known as player who deal huge damage on mobs. It could be warrior, rogue, or mage which can do 1-3 hits on cursed mobs.

Healer : Poet with at least 3rd mark and have heal charm spell, serve as healer primarily & support secondary.

Poet Support : Every poet below 3rd mark, support with SC & Infect all mobs, casting inspire for DD rogue constantly.

Mage Support : Every mage which is not strong enough to dealing damage on mobs should focus on paralayze and vex the rest of mobs which is not get SC yet. Give some moment for poet to SC before you cast your vex. Do paralyze with thought, like wait the mobs walk closer to the center of map instead freeze it on the edge of room.

Shadow : It's only need 1 shadow to enter the next room first to gather all the mobs closer to the center. And being shadow mean you can ignore all NR etiquette as long as you burst the whole way

Unassign Role : Just enjoy the hunt, you're free to do anything but be thoughtful not to get your way or do some action to slow down the hunt.


How To NR (Next Room) or NR Etiquette :
Always let DD & Healer to enter the room first because DD & Healer need to setting up position to clear the mobs.

If you see your DD or healer is on making their way to next room don't cut them or get into their way which will slow down them especially poet and warrior have a stiff mobility.

After reaching NR do not rush or race with DD and Healer which is making their way to the center position to clear mobs. Meanwhile you try to race them and sometimes block them just to park your character into the next NR spot. Use different path if you wanna race into NR spot

And lastly always use your mount if you have one, just press R and save other from trouble

Author: Floo (5/28)




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