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Chu Rua Quest

Here is the simple guide for the Chu Rua Quest:
1. Go to Dae Shore (Can go by clicking Jadespear or E Buya)
2. Click the Turtle (X: 062 Y: 048)
3. Type Hello near Rabbit (X: 054 Y: 030)
4. Type Ginseng near Rabbit ^
5. Type Hello near stone (X: 061 Y:011)
6. Type rabbit near Tiger (X: 012 Y: 011)
-- Beware, tiger will chased you off the area
-- Select South when talking with Tiger
7. Proceed to X: 8 Y: 10
8. Return to Chu Rua (X: 062 Y: 048)

DOne:: :D

Author: MrThony (12/2)




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