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3rd Mark Quest

1. Read board at (34, 40) Trowulan
2. Go to Trowulan palace (22, 29)
3. Go to King room (10, 03)
4. Say "Ascension"
5. Go to the top of Sacred place
6. Say "Ascension"
7. Go (12, 02) Kyoto
8. Talk to the Shiny plant
9. Go back to the top of Sacred place
10 Say "Ascension"
11. Bring the following items:
-100 water liquid
-100 rose
12. Eat your pure rose liquid BESIDE the shiny plant.
13. Kill Hydra, after kill, click the npc inside.
14. After the quest updates, search for the hidden portal inside by pressing 'o' in front of every tile inside.

15. Go back to Udohorn with these requirements and items:
-Mage: 300/450, MGW 50/100/190
-Poet: 400/300, MGW 100/50/190
-Warrior: 850/175, MGW 190/100/50
-Rogue:500/350, MGW 50/190/100
-300 Minor quests
-150 Daily work quests
-150 Blessed by the stars quests
-Master any gathering skill (Miner, Sheperd, or Lumberjack)
-Skilled at any of processing skill (Smelter, Weaver, or Sawmiller)
-Completed the "Received Japan's Highest Honor" quest
-Karma lvl 25
-Key of life
-Key of totem
-Pure ice
-5 Silver compass
-10 Christmas rose
-150 Zibong essence
-5 Shining experience gem
-1 Mythic heart

16. Go to (74, 129) Trowulan and bring more 5 Shining experience gem along with ONE of these based on your path:

-Mage: Spirit staff
-Poet: Spirit cane
-Warrior: Spirit blade
-Rogue: Spirit sword

14. Go back to the top of Sacred place
15. Hand in Hydra heart
15. Go to Samyeon temple
16. Click your totem:
-Mage: JuJak
-Poet: HyunMoo
-Warrior: ChungRyong
-Rogue: BaekHo

Author: Excaliber (10/18)




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