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[Quest] Understood the Moon for Warrior

- Mastering the Star (Guide 258)
- I have no ide about the other requirement but it seems that you need to have enough karma, but if you have done the "Mastering the Star" quest it wouldn't hurt to try this quest.

1. Go to Warrior Temple and speak to Warrior Khan by typing "Moon", and it will trigger the dialog box.

He will say "Kill this monster in Mythic that bark a lot"
Now go to Mythic dog aand kill the all the dog from room 1 to the last room, you can see the list below
- 25 spotted mutt
- 30 Frothing mutt
- 50 Killer Mongrel
- 100 Wolfkin
- 50 Killer Mongrel
- 100 Wolfkin

2. Say "Moon" to report to Warrior Khan, and he will ask you to bring some items

- 2 Titanium Glove, 2 Electra (Ogre Grave, Gungnae Silla Cross Road 35, 1)
- 2 Sute Key (Sute Jail, North Buya 102,24)
- 1 Jujak Key, 1 ChungRyong Key (Ancient Graveyards 4, 36)
- 1 Baekho key, 1 HyunMoo Key (Pal-Mudum Grave)
- 10 MoonGrass (Sabana12-20 & 32-39)
- 10 Weather Crystal(I have no idea, but you can always get some by exchanging some bones with the shaman npc)
- 1 Star mail & 1 Star Helmet (you got this after finishing the "Mastering the Star" quest

3. After done giving those items, next he will ask you to kill
- 3 Volcano
- 10 Skeleton Sentry
- 10 Skeleton Swordsman
at (Skeleton Cave,(Buya: 129, 47) Lv requirement 55)
- 1 Eclipse (Mythic Rabbit)

4. Report back to Warrior Khan, Congratulation! You have Understood the Moon)

- Legend, "Understood the Moon"
- Moon Mail
- Moon Helmet
- Karma

Survived the Sun
you can read guide 231

Author: Ruble (5/26)




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