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Mage Subpath Skills


Darken Fate - 95
Makes target can't see

Divine Time - 80
Stop the time for a while cause surrounding enemy paralyzed

Hear Footstep - 85
Reveals Invisible people.

Seal Fate - 99
Seal target makes it canot move or cast any spell but also make it invincible

Vanish - 90
Make Player invisible


Deep Sleep - 99
Put your foes to deep sleep. The next attack upon the target will do 1.8x the normal damage.

Goodearth - 80
Increase your defense and improve your healing spell efficiency.

Hail Storm - 90
Damage enemy with with freezing ice, render enemy unable to move for few seconds

Ic Storm - 85
Attack target with Ice storm


Fissure - 80
Summon some rock to block anyone infront of you.

Gather Spirit - 88
Gather surrounding spirit to increase your magic damage by 10%

Jujak Evocation - 99
Use the power of Jujak to increase your health and magic, Health can be increased over 10 times your maximum vita, but can be neutralized by heal, lethal poison and or leap attack.

Lava Surge - 95
Use power of lava to make the target damage over time

Volcanic Blast - 95
Highest Lava damage spells


Bless Soul - 80
Use potion to regen you health and mind over time.

Invincibility - 99
Use phoenix power to make you invincible for a while.

Phoenix Flames - 95
Revive by using the power of phoenix flames.

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