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Warrior Subpath Skills


Bear Health - 90
Consume a bear heart to restore 25% of your health, One bear heart is needed to cast this spell

Bear's Might - 90
Use a bear fur to restore 10% of your health, One bear fur is needed to cast this spell

Envigorate - 99
Use potion to regen you health over time.

Mount - 95
Mount a horse.

Push - 85
Push any player blocking your way.

Wilderness Guise - 90
Makes Player Invisible.


Art of War - 95
The art of war to return incoming attack, return 30% of damage received

Curse Protection - 85
Temporary protect you from all curses

Evaluate Opponent - 90
Shows a target persons vita and mana. Only works on players lower than you

Slaughter - 99
Critical Strike Area Attack, Deal 45% damage base on your current health.

Tiger's Might - 80
Use tiger's might to increase your defense and movement speed.


Chungryong Rage - 99
Call the Chungryong power into yourself to increase damage, can be recasted while active to increase more damage.

Endure - 80
Endure most of curses from caster.


Hear Footstep - 80
Reveals Invisible people.

Empower - 95
Increase area of attack

Spirit Blade - 99
Spirit Breaker, Reduce target Mana by 50%, has 25% chance Ice Bombardment each cast

Throw Weapon - 90
Ranged attack with damage equal to berserk

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