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Byk yg nanya discord apaan sih?
discord adalh aplikasi untuk kita saling voice chat, jadi ga perlu ngetik lagi

kita bisa ngobrol sembari hunt/quest tanpa perlu berenti ngegebuk..

g buat chanel discord ini biar pemain2 disini ga bosen hunt diem2an, karena kl hunt tanpa chatting/ngobrol pasti cepet bosen/ngantuk...

Makanya dari itu g buat discord ini, jadi silahkan join yg butuh guide/ nanya2/ hunt dll, semuanya akan dijawab di dlm discord..

Cobain dah discordnya, ngobrol bareng, jgn malu2 =)

Paling seneng mini games tereak2an bareng hahaha..

Utk yg blm ada mic di PC, bisa download di hp juga...

Cara download?
di PC :
-go to https://discordapp.com/
-log in to discord
-join server : ac4D2Tg

di handphone :
-go to google play store/ apple app store
-search discord
-install, register and log in
-join my server : ac4D2Tg


Many ask what discord is..
Well discord is an app at PC/handphone.

Whats the app used for?
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more.

in short, we can talk to each other while hunting/questing.
and if u need guide, its easier to talk then to type the same thing over and over again.
its a pain in the ass to get the same question and type same thing again and again...
its easier for us to guide you through discord..
and we can still do our dailies while guiding you..
Typing = we have to stop hunt/ move.
Talk = we can still hit monster while answering you.

so be sure to download discord to get to know and talk each other =)

How to download ?
at PC :
-go to https://discordapp.com/
-log in to discord
-join my server : ac4D2Tg

at Mobile Device :
-go to google play store/ apple app store
-search discord
-install, register and log in
-join my server : ac4D2Tg

Author: katsurikku (3/14)




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