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Daily Quest, SOQ, Runner Info - Part I

Here is available Daily Quest information as of today, I will separate it as Basic and Advance Daily Quest

Basic Daily Quests

1. Blessed by the Stars
Drop a star point in Mythic at coordinates:
029,025 or 030,025

You need to have done this 35 times to be to unlock
the ability to sell experience for Will, up to 120
total. Or 70 times to unlock further, etc.

2. Minor Quests
Visit Jadespear to pick up a minor quest by saying
"Quest", and then "Complete" once you're done. Make
sure the creature you need to kill is the LAST thing
you have killed!

Once you're level 99 every 5 days you can pick up a
major quest, which gives you credit for 5 minor quests!

Note: Unlike minor quests - major quests do not need
to be the last thing you have killed.

a) Don't like the quest you got? Say Complete and
choose to abandon the quest for a small fee, then
say Quest again - repeat until you get one you can
do, or ask someone for help!

b) You need to have a minimum of 50 quests completed
to unlock the ability to sell experience for Might.

3. Work
See Guide Post #64 for more details: In buya go to Paryu
Messenger, coordinates: 097,131 and say "Work" to begin.

Receive 25k+ and a small boost to your karma for
completing all tasks.

Do this daily to increase your position level - higher
positions receive higher pay!

4. Worship
Visit your totem shrine in Jacheon Forest to Worship by
donating a specific item each day.
- Totem Shrine locations - Guide Post 72
- Worship Items - Guide Post 52

Advanced Daily Quests

1. Big Fish Donation
In Silla at coordinates 014,005 there is an NPC you can
hand in a Big Fish to for a small boost to your Karma.

2. Bjorn/Dowhar Daily Task
In Volcano Village there are two tribes
(Bjorn located at X87 Y15 and Dowhar at X7 Y91
you can do alliance with, you must complete the alliance
quest first before doing their daily quest.
a). Killing other tribe quest
b). Gathering Material quest

3. Sailing Japan Sea
At South Coast Harbour you can sail to Japan by rent
a ship. You need to complete Mhul Quest storyline
before you can complete this quest, this quest is
easy all you need to do is just move your ship to
the right until you get to warp point.

4. Kaming Fine Clothes Donation
At Kaming Camp X14 Y21 The NPC will accept your
Fine Clothes, you can get Fine Clothes by weaving Wool
at Trowulan Tailor.

Continue on Part II

Author: edric (1/20)




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