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Updated Ice Labrynth Quest

Requirement: Prowess 200k,

Make entry to North forest

1. Warp to North Trowulan (98,5)

2. Click warp to north forest

3. Make your way to North Forest 5 and enter the cave like entrance

4. Click NPC for instructions on how to make the Labrynth Map

5. Map Piece 1, Talk to the Shepherd in Hinterlands, bring him 100 Wool

6. Map piece 2, Talk to the Trouwlan Smith about his Rags, take 10 Fine cloth to the Troualn Weaver/Tailor to make Rags for the Trowulan Smith (You must say "Rags" aloud for the Weaver/Tailor to work

7. Map Piece 3, Make your way to North Forest 6 and kill Marauders (They have a red belt) until they drop the 3rd piece.

8. Talk to the Labrynth NPC to have him make your map

9. Enter the Labrynth, the way to the Boss room is:
Room 2, Room 3, Room 6, Room 5, Room 4, Room 7, Room 8, Boss room.

Room 9 is a dead end.

Once you kill the boss, go back to the NPC that made your map and he will give you a Legend mark and the ability to warp directly back to the Labrynth from the NPC on Step 1.


Author: Brinq (12/12)




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