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Money making guide

For newbies who wants to make money here are some easier steps :

1. Using Chronus (fastest)
You can buy Item mall using chronus and then sell it to NPC at black market. This is the fastest way to make gold using real cash.

2. Mini games token
Always do mini games each hour, if u win u got token i'll buy it for @50k each! even if u lose, u still got exp.
No need to worry about buyer, i will buy ALL your mini games token.

3. Work
(guide no. 64) -> Only available 1 time everyday. be sure to do this everyday. because this work is requirement for first/second/third mark.
(Money : 25k, legend)

4. Gathering Wool/Bronze Ore/Cedar log
(Guide no 121 for wool, no. 54 for bronze ore and cedar log)
ESTIMATE price is 300 per wool/bronze ore/cedar log. (Price can change depends on player)
(Money : depends on your gathering level, at expert level you can get 100 wool/bronze ore/cedar log in just about 3min, thats 20-30k for only 3min).
No need to worry about buyer, i will buy ALL your wool/bronze ore/cedar log.

5. Gathering bone from Ancient Graveyard
Go to gungnae from Inn. then go to gate S. go down 3 times until you reach ancient graveyard. kill the skeleton there and trade 10 bone at Buya East Gate coordinate (126,58) if you lucky and get Scroll of Quest. you can sell it to player.
ESTIMATE Price for now is 150-200k per scroll of quest.
(Money : 150-200k for like 10 min only!)
No need to worry about buyer, i will buy ALL your SOQ.
Just PM / nMail me (habaek) if im not online.

Good luck.


Author: habaek (12/2)




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