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I will pick only player that willing to hunt seriously, not getting in the way, and be nice!
Ask nicely for group and I will group you, be rude and I will ignore you forever.
And off course, have no problem with members in the group from before.
We want 1 thing here, we want FAST HUNT. thats it.

Note for Newbie :
You can come, but remember ALWAYS NR LAST. Let the hitter NR first, and dont idle in the way. after each room always put your character beside poet that heal area (michele/ozil/samchan/redmercury)
Note that you still got exp even if ure not 1 screen with the hitter, so dont worry, as long as you're 1 room with the hitter, you still got exp. no need to rush.

unless you're grade 2+, please dont hit the monster because that will make the monster chase you and leave the hitter. that makes hunting slower.

Follow this guide, if you ever get in the way / slowing the hitter movement / slowing the hunt pace, i will kick you from the group and i will see you again at next double exp hunt.
You can join again the next hunt though. so, no hurt feeling.

Author: habaek (10/31)




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