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Sally Quest

- Find sally at buya 38, 114
- First option choose 1
- Second option choose 2
- use the potion she gave u
- look at what u have become and hunt that monster..

The monster is random and there will be no quest update even if u kill the right monster, so u have to go back and forth to sally again and again until u get the right monster..

Example : if u become a bat, then try to kill red bat at rat cave room 3, if u're right she will teleport you, if you're wrong, she will give option, choose option 2, and then kill the other bat (blue bat at red tiger cave 2). if u choose option 1, you will cancel the quest and you can't redo it until tommorow.

After she teleport you to Supreme Leader NPC, click him and choose option number 2. ALWAYS Choose number 2, its the requirement for reincanation.

Monster note (more will be updated) :

Bat = Red Bat (Rat Cave 3)
Bat = Blue Bat (Red Tiger Cave 2)

Tiger = Red Tiger (Red Tiger Cave 3)
Tiger = Blue Tiger (Red Tiger Cave 2)
Tiger = Old Black Tiger (Bear Cave 3)

Worm = Fire worm (Snake cave 4)

Fox = old black (fox cave r6-7)
Fox = sun fox (fox cave 6-7)
Fox = fire fox (fox cave 8)
Fox = Old White Fox (Fox cave 9)

Ghost= Purple ghost room 8 (ghost cave at upper fox cave)

Scorpion = Green lobster (Scorpion cave 9)
Scorpion = white lobster (Scorpion cave 8)
Scorpion = Black Lobster (Scorpion Cave 7)

Snake = Earth Snake (Rat cave 9)
Snake = mud snake (Snake cave 6)

Spider = Black Spider (Spider Cave 7)
Spider = Glowing Spider (Spider Cave 5)

credit: thanks to all my friends from cupu2blagu clan who keep this list updated.

Author: habaek (10/13)




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