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Reincarnation guide & Benefit

You have to be at Third Mark before doing this quest.

1. Go to dimension NPC at gate S buya
2. Bring 4 item from volcano boss (zapdos & cyndaquil) easier to summon using 100 chronus at battlefield. The item requirement is :
- 1 Canine of zapdos
- 1 Cyndaquil skin
- 1 Key of Yin
- 1 Key of Yang
3. Talk to dimension NPC to fuse those item into Key of Yin Yang.
4. go to udohorn
5. bring :
- key of life
- key of totem
- gold compass
- pure ice
- 10 shining exp gem
- 2mil gold
6. Go to udohorn again and he will ask you to Kill gruzar.
7. Go to udohorn again and he will ask you to Bring your job spirit weapon.
8. Select your prowess to sacrifice, total Prowess 600k (HP + MP*2)
9. Go to Dimension NPC at gate S buya.
10. Congratulations on your First Reincanation!

Benefit from reincarnation

To do reincarnation,
You have to sacrifice 600k Prowess (HP + MP*2)

Yes thats a lot of sacrifice right, but is it worth it to do reincarnation?

To keep this short, from this point I will change word Reincarnation to RE.

Here are the benefits you can get by doing reincarnation :
1. All you damage/heal/spell will be upgraded by 10% Per RE!
YES PER RE. Meaning if you RE 10x all your skills will be upgraded 100%!
2. Cheaper to sell experience
3. New armor with great stats to start your newly RE char (300k prowess each job)
4. Armor stats will be upgraded each RE.
5. Shorter cooldown time, for example rogue's cunning from 60s to 54s. So i think its 10% shorter.
6. New spells :
- 8 way swing
- Warriors rage to lv 6

- 5 way heal
- improved healing spells

- 5 way paralize
- improved healing spells

- Rogue's cunning to lv 6

7. You can change job anytime by sacrificing 5k HP and 2.5k MP.

8. At first RE you have to learn all your job skills from the start, this include subpath spell and mark spell. But what you learn after RE will stay forever even if you change your job.

From my point of view, do RE as fast as you can. Because you will not regret sacrificing 600k prowess at lower stat.

Currently this is the only info i got, if there is any update i will update this post.

Author: habaek (9/12)




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