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Available Chat Command

All this chat macro command can be used when you are near the respective NPC

1. Teleport
Simply say the destination name with added two ! (exclamation mark)

2. Withdraw, Deposit and Query about Item / Gold

2.1. Deposit Command
There are few variation of command for deposit your item or gold
I will deposit [#number] [itemname]
I will deposit all [itemname]
Deposit [#number] [itemname]
Deposit all [itemname]

Example: You have 300 Amber and you want to deposit 200 of your Amber in the bank
I will deposit 200 Amber
or you can also say
Deposit 200 Amber

if you want deposit all Amber you can simply say
Deposit all Amber

To deposit gold the [itemname] must be Gold
I will deposit 1000 Gold
I will deposit all Gold

NOTES: The [all] keyword doesn't work for equipment type item, it will be always treated as 1 (one).

2.2. Withdraw Command
For withdraw command to work, you will need to enter you bank PIN first by clicking the NPC and choose the withdraw menu after that you can type your command normally, you will get a notice if your bank is still locked by a PIN

There are few variation of command for withdraw your item or gold
Withdraw [#number] [itemname] from my bank
Withdraw [#number] [itemname]
Withdraw [itemname]

Example: You want to withdraw 5 Amber from your bank
Withdraw 5 Amber from my bank
or simply say
Withdraw 5 Amber

NOTES: Withdraw item/gold will always have to specify the amount.

2.3. Bank Amount Query
You can also ask your bank how many item you have deposited, the NPC will reply you if you have any of the item you asked.

Here is the chat command for query the bank:
How many [itemname] have I deposited?
How many [itemname] in my bank?

Example: You want to know how many Amber you have deposited
How many Amber have I deposited?
How many Amber in my bank?

NOTES: You will need to key in the bank PIN first if locked

3. Selling

3.1. Sell command
There are few variation of command for selling your item
I want to sell [#number] [itemname]
I want to sell all [itemname]
Buy my [itemname]
Buy all my [itemname]

Example: You have 50 Amber and you want to sell 10 of it
I want to sell 10 Amber

NOTES: If you don't specify the amount it will be always be treated as 1 (one)

3.2. Asking what item the NPC willing to buy from you
If you are curious what item the NPC will buy, you can ask them by using this chat command near the NPC, you have to know the NPC name for this to work.
[NPC_NAME], what do you buy?"

Example: The NPC name is Xian (you can right click the NPC to show his/her name.)
Xian, what do you buy?

NOTES: If the right click did not show the npc name, your right click look option must be turned off, to turn it on you can press [Shift + r]

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