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Burgundy Shield (G1 Warrior)

Warrior G1 - Burgundy Shield Quest
1. Warrior Temple, Talk to Warrior Khan - Burgundy Shield
Item Request :
Grilled Beef, Grilled Fish, 3 Watermelon

2. Kaming Camp 22,53
Make Grilled Beef (Beef 10, Raw Beef 10, 1000)
Make Grilled Fish (Big Fish, Gold Fish, 1000)

3. Return to Warrior Khan
Give Grilled Beef, Grilled Fish, and 3 Watermelon

4. Talk again to Warrior Khan Quest update with new item request :
Piece Of Burgundy, Sturdy Turtle Shell, Glitter Potion, Lava Stone
Here's how to make them :
*Piece of Burgundy*
- Swamp Ogre drop Burgundy Fragment (small drop rate)
- Go to Trowulan Blacksmith to forge Piece of Burgundy
(30.000 Gold for 1 Piece of Burgundy)

*Turtle Shell*
- Chu Rua - Dae Shore >> kill certain mythical beast
- The Wandering Old man - mythical compass
25 wooden compass, 10 cedar board
(Tanais Grove (Cedar Tree) - 62,89)
- User the Mythical Compass to locate Mythical Beast, make sure you keep note for the location
(for me it's located ad Dae Shore 72,18)
- Kill the Mythical Beast (please use poet also, cause it's quite strong)
- After Kill, you must report back to Chu Rua, then you get the Sturdy Turtle Shell

*Library - Glitter Potion, Lava Stone*
- At any library press O infront of the bookshelf
Find : Misc Creations (it contains Glitter Potion and Lava Stone)
- Glitter Potion (Potion Bottle dan Glitter Powder can buy in eNexia Black Market - Female NPC holding pipe)
Potion Bottle, 5 White Amber, 2 Red Amber, 20 Amber, Glitter Powder
Using creation system to make Glitter Potion (please notes that will have a chance of failed)
- Lava Stone
50 Red Amber, 10 Iron Ore, 10 Bronze Ore, 10 Ash Board
Using creation system to make Lava Stone (please notes that will have a chance of failed)

4. Talk again to Warrior Khan Quest update
- Find Smith that will help forge Burgundy Shield
- the Smith Located at Kaming Camp (50,42), and bring also 100.000 gold
- Talk to the smith, and voila, You get Burgundy Shield.

Thx buat suhu Majesty, Yunardis,, ColonelZ, Bolt, willofD

---- ShinLee ----
Sorry if something is missing ^^

Author: ShinLee (6/16)




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