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Client v749 Hot Keys, Macro and Commands

Client v749 bring a lot nice features and hot keys (as well as bugs :p)

Hot Keys

F1 or [Shift + F1] - This will bring up a help screen or character menu, status and etc, (you can swap this button by clicking option tab -> page down -> then check the F1/Shift+F1 swap option )

[Tab] or [v] - You can cycle the target box by pressing this button or you can lock it down by pressing the same key twice, combine the [Tab] or [v] key usage with spell macro to cast it instantly (no need to press the [Enter] key anymore)

[Shift + F11] - Allow you to swap Tab, V keys


F11 - This will bring up the macro interface, this new macro has 3 pages
Page1 = [0 - 9] key
Page2 = [Ctrl + 0 - Ctrl + 9] key
Page3 = [Alt + 0 - Alt + 9] key
Now you can customize the above hot keys as much as you want
From Spell, Item or Chat/Text macro
(You should notice the text below the macro interface)

To assign a key simply highlight the hot key you want to change then you can either
press the Spell tab then choose the spell key [a-Z]
or Item tab then choose the item key [a-z]
or ";" key then type in your text macro

Author: edric (5/12)




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