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Level 99 armor quest general guidelines

1. Warp to Trowulan from inn / walk from buya east to dae port at dae shore (your choice :D) teleport service will be easier

2. Go to North Gate then walk left until you found the Trowulan Palace (across the bridge you will see a big house)

3. Meet NPC Kim at Palace Office 2

4. You will be asked to kill some monster (all this monster can be found at Buya city)

visit our wiki site here
to see the monster to kill and their location

5. After you completed the task required return back to kim to get another killing monster quest

6. After you completed you will be given another quest to collect items (read carefully what he asked)

7. return back to kim then you will be asked to goto blacksmith at Trowulan

8. You can see most of npc location from the gate guards (click the guard and choose point of interest) then click the blacksmith and choose the wind knight option , you may need to bring him some items and need some free space on your inventory


Congratulation you have finished the 98-99 quest
you will gain gold, armor and level 99 spells

Author: edric (12/26)




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