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Since there is already Lumberjack and Mining guide, i want to add more crafting ability guide. and for the Sawmiller the place is the same as Lumberjack.

>In Tanais there is Old Mine to mining, from Tanais's south gate go to X:041 Y:115.

>There is also Hidden Grove in Tanais for Lumberjack to cut Trees. From Tanais's east gate go up and past the bridge to X:090 Y:060

Go To Hinterlands (Can Teleport through Inn)
Gate E(T) in Hinterlands then X:092 Y:030 in to the Shepherd Hut. Learn and Buy Equipment here.

I do not know where the sheep in Hinterlands are. But, there is Romney sheep farm in Tanais(North From Hinterlands), from Tanais Inn go to left X:010 Y:040 to get to the Sheep Farm.

Go to Trowulan (Can Teleport through Inn)
From south gate go right to X:090 Y:126. Learn here. Click Table in the room to begin Weaving.

Go to Trowulan (Can Teleport through Inn)
From the Inn go left to X:057 Y:061 get in to the Trowulan Blacksmith. Learn Smelter Here. Then Go Outside and Click Furnace @X:054 Y:065 to Begin Smelting

Go to Tanais (Can teleport through Inn)
From Tanais Inn go to left X:006 Y:045 to get to the Gleem. Learn here. Click Table in the room to begin Gemcutting.

Go to Trowulan Gate E(T) then head down. You will find man on the bridge (X:131 Y:106). Click Him and he will teach you how to fish. Buy the bait from him and say 'fishing' near him to begin.

Author: gufi (12/11)




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