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Dog Linguist

1. Go to Gungnae by using teleporter in Inn
2. Exit the inn and say "Hello" , the dog will response to you with "Bark!" , say "Bark!" again to him (dont forget to type !)
3. Go To Buya X: 132 Y: 138 and you will see a dog
4. Type "Bark!" and "Woof!"
5. Go to Gungnae again and warp to South, enter south 2 times
6. You will reach Gungnae Silla Cross Road and proceed to
X: 039 Y:018
7. Go to Silla X: 004 Y: 041
8. Type "Woof!" and "Grrowl!" (Grrowl is using double R)
9. Finally go to Trowulan (either using tele or Market)
10. Upon reaching Trowulan Go to X:119 Y:060
11. Type "Grrowl!"
12. Done.

Note: Dont Forget to type "!"

Author: Slipouts (11/28)




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