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Allied With Bjorn oR Dowhar

Allied With Bjorn oR Dowhar

Go to Volcano Vilage @Volcano (031,005)
choose one (allied with Bjron Or dowhar)

Allied With Bjron
Talk To Ketil (087, 015)
Then u should kill @Dohwar vein (055,097)
- 10 Dowhar Fighter
- 10 Dowhar Tribesmen
- 1 Dowhar Leader
Then Report To Kitill

Allied With Dowhar
Talk to Arrt Hall (007,091)
Then U should Kill @Bjron Vein (091,042)
- 10 Bjron Fighter
- 10 Bjron Tribesmen
- 1 Bjron Leader
Then Repot to Arrt Hall

It can be ur Daily to kill them / Donation (50 Ash Log/50 Wol/50 iron ore)
to get some point for exchange Gauntlet / Shield

Reward - Legend

Author: Majesty (8/29)




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