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About eNexia

eNexia is the 2D isometric MMORPG with cute anime style character, the story was based on ancient Korean Mythology
Enjoy the wonderful community, with many quest and vast world to visit, Buya, Gungnae, Mythic, Sabana, Japan, Trowulan and many more other places. Beside the usual hunt and grind there are many ways to get experience for your character, Such as Mini Games and Civil War. Currently we have four mini games event that started every hour, The classic Elixir war, Water Sumo, Snowball fight and Carnage All of those minigames event are fully automatic without needing a host.

The best part is you don't need a single penny to enjoy all of this contents, So what are you waiting for? head over the download page and start creating your first character and get the first wonderful nexia experience ever.




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-SG Server Status Page-

Login Server: Online
Char Server: Online
Save Server: Online
Map Server: Online
Total Population: 1183
Active Population: 250
Currently Online: 46

News and Updates

Monday, 26 February 2024: Shop and Monster Info update

We have updated the shop if they only have 1 quantity to sell it will not ask the amount anymore, also they will show you how many item they have on hand if available.

Search Monster Info menu also updated with the spawn information you will be able to check it is spawned or is spawning

Thank you

Wednesday, 21 February 2024: Rift Options Updates

We have added option to select Rift Mode between Random, Normal and Elite, few more mode will be added later on once we finalize the monster, drop and etc, here is a few example new Rift mode that will be added

Hunting mode which will be similar to normal dungeon that will spawn unique normal boss

Nightmare mode, YES everything will be nightmare, be prepared for the worst :)

You can also set the option for which Rift Boss to spawn

The default options will be normal as current rift which will be random for all available mode

Thank you and have fun

Thursday, 15 February 2024: VIP+ Passive EXP update

Since there are less non-VIP player now we have made some changes for VIP+ passive exp bonus as follow
10% bonus exp from any monster killed by non vip player
5% bonus exp from any monster killed by vip member
2.5% bonus exp from any monster killed by vip+ member

You can also toggle the VIP+ exp notification so it won't spam your status area from F4 menu

Thank you

Thursday, 15 February 2024: Restrict pet on event map

We have added some restriction on Pet support on the event map

Thank you

Thursday, 15 February 2024: Pet Archer Mode

We have added new pet archer mode, this pet mode are all offensive and don't have support spell.

Thank you


Thursday, 22 February 2024: CNY 2024 Nian's Hunter Results

Here is the final results of the 2024 Nian's hunter event

Rank 1 Culdesac with 75155 points
Rank 2 Lione with 64249 points
Rank 3 godsgas with 37900 points

We will distribute the prize soon, please spare 1 inventory slot and be online to receive the prize.

Thank you for your participation.

Saturday, 3 February 2024: 9th Anniversary eNexia Point Bonanza 2024

Event will be started on 7 February 2024 00:00:00 and will end on 21 February 2023 23:59:59 Server Time (GMT+7)

The event rules are simple all you need to do is collect as many eNexia Point as you can during the event.
You can collect eNexia Point from top up Chronus and spend your Chronus, you will get 1 eNexia Point for every 100 Chronus top up or by spending 200 Chronus. eNexia Point from bounty and daily reward is not calculated in the event. You will get a notice when you gain eNexia point.

The top 3 eNexia Points Collector during the event will get the following prize

Rank 1st reward:
A Legend Mark, 1500 Chronus, one pair of Anniversary Bonanza Soul, one Anniversary Bonanza Badge and one rare event mount (!)

Rank 2nd reward:
A Legend Mark, 1000 Chronus, one pair of Anniversary Bonanza Soul and one Anniversary Bonanza Badge (!)

Rank 3rd reward:
A Legend Mark, 500 Chronus and one pair of Anniversary Bonanza Soul (!)

(!) Top 3 Event item rewards are bound to the winner and pre-enchanted (random enchant type and rank)

Extra rewards:
We will also give out event limited sub accessories set for all participants depends on your eNexia Points collected with the following rules:
Above 1800 Points = three pairs of Anniversary Bonanza Soul and three Anniversary Bonanza Badge
Above 1500 Points = two pairs of Anniversary Bonanza Soul and two Anniversary Bonanza Badge
Above 1200 Points = one pair of Anniversary Bonanza Soul and one Anniversary Bonanza Badge
Above 900 Points = one pair of Independence Bonanza Soul and one Independence Bonanza Badge
Above 600 Points = one pair of eNexia Bonanza Soul
Above 300 Points = one pair of Mystical Skull or Two Headed Trident (Break on Death)

All the extra reward also bound to the winner and not pre-enchanted.

For the top 3 eNexia Points Collector you also get the extra rewards depending how many points you collect during the events.
You can use the extra pair you received as refining materials. (Warning: if you have TIMED similar item from previous event, it is recommended NOT to use it as refining material since the TIMED status will follow to the new refined item)

For example If you are the top 1 with 1200 points you will get the top one pre-enchanted reward as stated above and also another pair of bonanza soul and a badge from the extra rewards.

In conjunction with Chinese new year event we will also give addtional 20% for every Chronus package top up during the event.

Spending Chronus on mystery shop did not give you any eNexia point.
You can check your rank from Menu button and select Ranking
Remember this is PRIVATE SERVER so spend wisely, only spend what you can afford to lose.

Thank you and have fun :)

Saturday, 3 February 2024: Chinese New Year 2024 + Ranked Event

The Chinese new year event will begin from 7 February 2024 00:00 (GMT+7) until 21 February 2023 23:59:59 (GMT+7), check the NPC on east Trowulan to get started.

There is one ranked event related to Chinese new year event (Nian's Hunter).

Nian's Hunter
Inside event cave there are Nian's that will be randomly spawned, you will need a firework to kill it, simply press space when facing the Nian, be carefull they are very agile, so act fast.
You can do group inside the event cave, but only the last hitter get the score for ranking. Do not worry getting killed inside the cave, you will not lose anything at all.

Rank 1st reward:
A Legend Mark, 1500 Chronus, one pair of subaccessories, a necklace and one rare event mount (*)

Rank 2nd reward:
A Legend Mark, 1000 Chronus, one pair of subaccessories and a necklace (*)

Rank 3rd reward:
A Legend Mark, 500 Chronus and one pair of subaccessories (*)

Thank you and have fun :)

(*) All event item rewards are bound to the winner, Break on Death and pre-enchanted (random enchant type and rank); event mount are timed 60 days not extendable.

1. You can exchange angpao for fireworks, make sure you have plenty of fireworks before entering the event cave;
2. You can see the ranking list by pressing MENU button then select Ranking. The ranking will be updated and sorted once every 10 minutes;
3. Reward will be given after the event ended and all the rank data verified, you will be disqualified if we found any suspicious activity during the event.

Friday, 15 December 2023: Merry Christmas 2023

Event will be started on 22nd Dec 00:00 until 29th Dec 00:00 which will be continued with New Year event until 5th Jan 2024 00:00. You can start the quest by talking to Baile at south Buya.

During the event on 23rd, 24th and 25th all normal mythic and arctic mobs will drop Xmas Giftbox that will have chances to get some sabana/japan creation item also the event only item, good luck when opening it :p

During the event there is also 10% bonus on every Chronus package purchased

NOTE: If you happen to see edric anywhere during the event you can greet him by saying 'Merry Christmas' when facing him then you will get some Giftboxes from him. Make sure you have enough inventory space before doing so.

Friday, 3 November 2023: Halloween Maze Event Result

We have audited the Halloween Maze event score and here is the results

Rank 1 godsgas with 116 points
Rank 2 Culdesac with 33 points
Rank 3 casper with 7 points

You can claim your prize from Baile at Buya (75, 129).

Thank you for your participation. See you again on the next event :)

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