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About eNexia

eNexia is the 2D isometric MMORPG with cute anime style character, the story was based on ancient Korean Mythology
Enjoy the wonderful community, with many quest and vast world to visit, Buya, Gungnae, Mythic, Sabana, Japan, Trowulan and many more other places. Beside the usual hunt and grind there are many ways to get experience for your character, Such as Mini Games and Civil War. Currently we have four mini games event that started every hour, The classic Elixir war, Water Sumo, Snowball fight and Carnage All of those minigames event are fully automatic without needing a host.

The best part is you don't need a single penny to enjoy all of this contents, So what are you waiting for? head over the download page and start creating your first character and get the first wonderful nexia experience ever.

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NOTES: All contents inside the Discord is not monitored by eNexia GM, It is managed by our player. Thank you




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-SG Server Status Page-

Login Server: Online
Char Server: Online
Save Server: Online
Map Server: Online
Total Population: 1886
Active Population: 360
Currently Online: 47

News and Updates

Thursday, 13 May 2021: Reincarnation Spells Update and Fix

We have added a new spell for level 120 players that will be scaled and improved per reincarnation, you dont need to re-learn the spell since the improvement will be applied directly after you are reincarnated.

We also fixed most of the spells that was supposed to break when being hit, such as all sleep spells/trap, trance!

Additional checking has been added for Rift Instance, hopefully this will fix the kill count being reset during group update, relogin and some unknown reason.

We also added 500 and 1000 denomination Chronus ticket to simplify the transfer and ticket usage flow

Thank you

Tuesday, 4 May 2021: Maintenance Completed

Server is up, if you cant connect try download this ddraw

Tuesday, 4 May 2021: Planned Maintenance 04/05/2021

After monitoring 3 days, doing upgrade and adding additional server with no big improvement, we deciced we will move back to our old SG server which is more stable on overall connection and server load and most of all SG server is way economical in term of value and quality.

We will move the server back on 12:00PM server time.

Thank you for helping the test on this new server all your feedbacks are really appreciated. We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused during the testing and moving the server back and forth.

We will see you all again at the SG server after the maintenance completed.

Monday, 3 May 2021: Maintenance Completed

Server is up, if you cant connect try download this ddraw

Sunday, 2 May 2021: Planned Maintenance 03/05/2021

We will do another maintenance to add one more server, it seem this server is not as good as our old one.. the advantage is only the network since it is faster for indonesian connection but has processing power bottleneck, our old server has a good processing power but has network bottleneck.

Maintenance time will be around 00:00AM if im awake or later 09:00AM expected hopefully we can minimize the downtime.

Thank you


Thursday, 6 May 2021: Happy Eid Mubarak 1442 H

The Eid Mubarak event will begin from 10 May 2021 00:00 (GMT+7) until 20 May 2021 23:59 (GMT+7), check the NPC on South Buya to get started.

There is one ranked event related to Eid Mubarak event (Peanut Hunter).

Peanut Hunter
There is a Peanuts Forest if you go to the west of Jacheon Forest, hunt as many peanut as you can during the event, only the last hitter will gain a point, top three hunter will gain event only item and legend marks

Rank 1st reward:
A Legend Mark, 1500 Chronus, one pair of subaccessories, a necklace and one rare event mount (*)

Rank 2nd reward:
A Legend Mark, 1000 Chronus, one pair of subaccessories and a necklace (*)

Rank 3rd reward:
A Legend Mark, 500 Chronus and one pair of subaccessories (*)

During this Eid Mubarak event we also give out another 10% bonus for every Chronus package purchase and activated.

Thank you and have fun :)

(*) All event item rewards are bound to the winner, break on death and pre-enchanted (random enchant type and rank)
the subaccessories will be depend on what is your class (Sabertooth Amulet/Ancient Forest Ring) the necklace is Spectral Necklace. the rare event the mount are timed 60 days not extendable.

1. You can see the ranking list by pressing MENU button then select Ranking. The ranking will be updated and sorted once every 10 minutes;
2. Reward will be given after the event ended and all the rank data verified, you will be disqualified if we found any suspicious activity during the event.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021: ABCD Battle May 2021 Results

Here is the final result for ABCD Battle May 2021 Event

Rank 1 [newnexus][warrior]
Rank 2 [Galaxinote][Mage]
Rank 3 [FN][Poet]

You can claim your prize from Royce at Trowulan (82, 27). Please make sure to claim it before 00:00 server daily event reset time.

Thank you for your participation. See you again next month :)

Saturday, 1 May 2021: ABCD Battle Rules Update

We have noted some issue during this month battle where one of player purposefully leave the auto battle take over during the Official match. This is unethical behavior and not accepted in our server.

This auto battle implemented to help in case you are disconnected so the match wont be ended prematurely, if you are online but leaving the match without a good reason then you will be disqualified and permanently banned from any future ABCD Battle.

If you don't want to play the match you should not join the ABCD Battle anyway.

Thank you

Tuesday, 27 April 2021: ABCD Battle May 2021 participants

Here is the ABCD Battle Championship participants for May 2021


The bracket is generated using third party bracket generator and can be seen on this link below

May 2021 Prize
Rank 1st Reward
A Legend mark, 1000 Chronus, 1M Gold and One set of Timed Diamond Set (30 Days Duration)

Rank 2nd Reward
A Legend mark, 500 Chronus, 750K Gold and One set of Timed Gold Set (30 Days Duration)

Rank 3rd Reward
A Legend mark, 500K Gold and One set of Timed Gold Set (30 Days Duration)

1. The tournament start on 1st May 2021 00:00:00 until 7th May 2021 23:59:59 Server Time
2. You are free to set up your battle schedule by contacting your opponent in the bracket as soon as possible
3. If the player in any bracket not online/show up and can't be reached for 24 hours to start battle, will automatically disqualified.
4. This month tournament rules are single elimination with best of 3 match. Please submit your winning score to edric if the bracket is not updated in 12 hours.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021: ABCD Battle May 2021

Registration is open until 26th April 2021, No registration will be accepted after 26th April 2021. You can only register one of your main character. Only character with First mark (G1) and above are eligible to participate, If you are submitting more than one character then all related character will be disqualified. This month tournament will be run on Single Elimination mode with best of 3 matches. Come and try your luck on this neat game that similar to Rock, Paper and Scissors game but with a little twist on it :D .

May 2021 Prize
Rank 1st Reward.
A Legend mark, 1000 Chronus, 1M Gold and One set of Timed Diamond Set (30 Days Duration)

Rank 2nd Reward.
A Legend mark, 500 Chronus, 750K Gold and One set of Timed Gold Set (30 Days Duration)

Rank 3rd Reward.
A Legend mark, 500K Gold and One set of Timed Gold Set (30 Days Duration)

Use the in-game mail to register with details below
To: Kafra
Subject: REG ABCD May 2021

To: Kafra
Subject: REG ABCD May 2021

Please make sure the subject and body is correct, we are trying to fully automated the event registration details.

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