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About eNexia

eNexia is the 2D isometric MMORPG with cute anime style character, the story was based on ancient Korean Mythology
Enjoy the wonderful community, with many quest and vast world to visit, Buya, Gungnae, Mythic, Sabana, Japan, Trowulan and many more other places. Beside the usual hunt and grind there are many ways to get experience for your character, Such as Mini Games and Civil War. Currently we have four mini games event that started every hour, The classic Elixir war, Water Sumo, Snowball fight and Carnage All of those minigames event are fully automatic without needing a host.

The best part is you don't need a single penny to enjoy all of this contents, So what are you waiting for? head over the download page and start creating your first character and get the first wonderful nexia experience ever.

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NOTES: All contents inside the Discord is not monitored by eNexia GM, It is managed by our player. Thank you




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-SG Server Status Page-

Login Server: Online
Char Server: Online
Save Server: Online
Map Server: Online
Total Population: 1501
Active Population: 517
Currently Online: 106

News and Updates

Thursday, 21 May 2020: Quest Tracker

We have added another quest tracker on F1 / Shift+F1 menu (Depends on your option setting) to track your kills. Currently only Wind knights, Buya Explorer, Helping Emperor Japan and Mythic Loop quests are available to track.

Lesser, Greater and Sublime and all other available quests tracker might be added (or not) later since there are lots of things to change just for this tracker to works. So for now just track it as we usually do :D

Thank you

Thursday, 14 May 2020: Notice from our ISP

Singapore Scheduled Maintenance - 2020-05-14

Event Type: Network Upgrade
Start Time: 2020-05-14 21:00:00 UTC
End Time: 2020-05-15 01:00:00 UTC

The Singapore network will be upgraded to provide network enhancements as part of ongoing efforts to provide excellent service and maintain an ideal hosting environment. A device reload may be necessary and some customers may experience brief periods of latency or packetloss while routes are updated across the redundant topology.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020: Map Pathing

We have optimized most of pathing on The Jungle, The Reef, Nidavellir, Pirate Hideouts and Northern Forest. This should improve the experience on navigating inside those maps

Thank you

Tuesday, 12 May 2020: Grand Quests and Rogue Changes

We have added a new grand quest to kill bosses on Mythic EX and Vortex the quest will be available for all reincarnated 10+ players, You can get the quest from Jadespear by saying 'quest' a new option will be available if you meet the requirement, this quest is repeatable every 10 days and will have different mark with minor quest.

We have some changes on most rogues vita attack mana cost, the cost will be calculated based on rogue current mana, this should give a little balance with other melee path, with this update Trance! now have new effect of slight mana regen also

Thank you

Tuesday, 12 May 2020: Minor Fix

We have hopefully fixed the annoying of non existing mob that will show when switching the map or when the mob is dead but still shown on the screen. Please let me know if it is still happening after this update.

Thank you


Tuesday, 26 May 2020: ABCD Battle June 2020 Participants

Here is the ABCD Battle Championship participants for June 2020.

01. [Zyxel] [Rogue] 02. [Bein] [Poet]
03. [dimitriXiX] [Warrior] 04. [eaShinbun] [Rogue]
05. [gggg] [Mage] 06. [D] [Warrior]
07. [adam] [Poet] 08. [Rayner] [Rogue]
09. [supersonic] [Warrior] 10. [hyuga] [Mage]
11. [KeeL] [Mage] 12. [SweetSweer] [Mage]
13. [R] [Mage] 14. [Daiana] [Mage]
15. [Liquids] [Mage] 16. [Blackbtm] [Rogue]
17. [Pocky] [Mage] 18. [Fallen] [Rogue]
19. [AsYourWish] [Mage] 20. [sTzT] [Poet]
21. [Aviator] [Warrior] 22. [Ax] [Rogue]
23. [Mokocchi] [Warrior] 24. [NingYudhie] [Poet]
25. [Floo] [Mage] 26. [Ruble] [Warrior]
27. [JoeM] [Rogue] 28. [Jessie] [Rogue]

We have 21 Votes for Single Elimination Mode and 2 Votes for Double Elimination. Based on the votes we will run this tournament with Single Elimination Mode.

The bracket is generated using third party bracket generator and can be seen on this link below

June 2020 Prize
Rank 1st Reward
A Legend mark, 1000 Chronus, 1M Gold and One set of Timed Diamond Set (30 Days Duration)

Rank 2nd Reward
A Legend mark, 500 Chronus, 750K Gold and One set of Timed Gold Set (30 Days Duration)

Rank 3rd Reward
A Legend mark, 500K Gold and One set of Timed Gold Set (30 Days Duration)

1. The tournament start on 1st June 2020 00:00:00 Server Time
2. You are free to set up your battle schedule by contacting your opponent in the bracket as soon as possible
3. If the player in any bracket not online/show up and can't be reached for 24 hours to start battle, you can contact GM to reach them by email. If there is still no response in 12 Hours we will disqualified them.

Sunday, 17 May 2020: Happy Eid Mubarak 1441 H

The Event will be started on May 20th, 2020 00:00:00 PM (GMT+7)
and will be ended May 30nd, 2020 23:59:59 PM (GMT+7)

You can start it from Baile NPC at south Buya.

During this event we are also giving out 10% extra for top up Chronus (Bonus end on 30 May 2020).

Have Fun and Happy Eid Mubarak,

Thank you.

PS: Semua GM and Staff Mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri, Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin.

Friday, 8 May 2020: ABCD Battle May 2020 Final Result

Here is the final result for May 2020 ABCD Battle Event

Rank 1 Supersonic
Rank 2 Floo
Rank 3 Zyxel

We will distribute the prize soon, please spare 3 inventory slot to receive the prize.

Thank you for your participation.

We will also open registration for our June ABCD Battle with Tournament Mode, You can start register now and also vote the tournament mode to use, a single elimination or double elimination rule, the rule will also depends on number of participants as well.

Registration will open until 25th May 2020, No registration will be accepted after 25th May 2020. The other rules from this month still apply, you can only register one of your main character. If you are submitting more than one character then all related character will be disqualified.

Use the in-game mail to register with details below
[your vote]

[single elimination]

Friday, 8 May 2020: ABCD Result

We have audited the result for this month ABCD Battle

Rank 1 Supersonic with 35 point

Since we have 4 player with same 32 point score we will have another match for this 4 player to determine the Rank 2 and Rank 3 winner.

To keep it simple we will run a tournament with the single elimation rule, here is the bracket below

Floo vs gggg = Floo
Mokocchi vs Zyxel = Zyxel

Floo vs Zyxel = Floo

Winner3 = Rank 2
Loser3 = Rank 3

You can have the battle start as soon as possible and let me know the result, we will distribute the prize when all completed

Thank you

Friday, 1 May 2020: ABCD Participants

Here is the ABCD Battle Championship participants for May 2020.

01. [Liquids] [Mage]
02. [Rayner] [Rogue]
03. [dimitriXiX] [Warrior]
04. [eaShinbun] [Rogue]
05. [KeeL] [Rogue]
06. [Frenci] [Mage]
07. [SweetSweet] [Mage]
08. [H] [Warrior]
09. [Bein] [Poet]
10. [Supersonic] [Warrior]
11. [Ax] [Rogue]
12. [Mokocchi] [Warrior]
13. [Daiana] [Mage]
14. [Floo] [Rogue]
15. [Jessie] [Rogue]
16. [zyxel] [Rogue]
17. [Johnwicks] [Mage]
18. [gggg] [Mage]

Only the player listed above will be monitored and audited once the event is ended. Have a fun battle and Good luck

Thank you

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