eNexia Changelog / Updates

Friday, 16 March 2018: ABCD Mini Games + Hall Of Fame
We have added a little bit interesting Mini games called ABCD at Buya Arena

ABCD or Attack, Barrage, Cure, Defend, is a strategical game
That plays out like an advanced version of Rock, Paper,
Scissors. With a little twist it came out this Game, Thanks to Viashinos for the game idea.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

We also added hall of fame NPC that will show the four path top classes at Buya Arena Hall. Don't worry about the NPC look it will updated accordingly when the Top player become online, otherwise it will be randomly picked out.

Thank you and have fun

NOTE: BUG is expected, it may crash or weird things will happen, you can always reach me by nmail :)

Friday, 9 March 2018: Our Roadmaps and Milestones
Hello there, its been long time since our last big update. Here is to recap what we have accomplished so far since our open beta and what will be coming in the near future.

NOTE: All listed below here is not in particular order

Things we have completed
- Classic Nexia Quest
- Instant level 99 system
- Level 99 Gear set quest
- Buya Explorer quest
- Daily and Weekly quest
- Prince Mhul questline
- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mark quest
- Bounty System
- Referral System (which was recently disabled due to abuse)
- Clan War (not much going on here due to low population)
- Civil War (also disabled since we are still in peace era lol)
- Mini games (Carnage, Elixir, Snowball, Water Sumo, Lights out)
- eNexia point rewards system
- Mystery Shop
- Creation System
- Crafting System
- Reincarnation system
(Currently you can reincarnate up to 20 times, not all Gear set is completed though)
- Subpath System (16 Subpath from 4 main path)
- PVP anywhere system (You can toggle it from F4 menu)
- Double EXP Hour
(Which will lift cave restriction while it is active)
- Divine Blessing
(Three stage premium exp bonus, stackable with double exp hour and other exp bonus system)
- Costume/Skin System (Chronus needed)
- Wedding System
- Blood Brothers / Sisters System
- Premium Services (auto loot, mobile bank, mobile sunset, VIP member system)
- Auction System
- AND many more lol, That will be too long to list it out (Well I don't remember all of it anyway :p)

Things that may be completed in near future
- 20+ Reincarnation
- 4th Mark (Which is planned that can be done after the 20th Reincarnation)
- Siege War
- Totem War
- More Mini games
- Mythic Armor quest / craftable
- More Questline / probably bring up old classic quest
- Rift-like Dungeon (Boss fighting instance)
- Gear crafting skill
- Daily Maze Treasure Hunter
- Monthly World Boss Siege
- Yearly PVP Tournament
- Fixing known spell bugs :p
- Probably make it more balance on PVP system
- More New cave area for reincarnated players

Those list above may or may not be completed depends on what my real life free time permit, it may takes days or months to complete just one single task :p (you know I am lazy to move when exhausted)

Thank you for playing and your support all this time :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2018: Just some random comments
Let me make this clear to all of you

This is a multi players game. All player have equal rights to enter / farm anything they want. NOT because senior in this game then you have all the rights for all places. AND because you are new you can't do anything if your senior in there.

THIS IS NOT A GAME OF SENIORITY and there is no such thing in this game.

Most of the cave has many rooms.
If you see other player inside the room farming/hunting, then it is clear that room is already occupied, it is rude if you also start attacking/farming there without asking permission from the first player inside there.

If you don't want ask permission to the first player then you should go to other unoccupied room and hunt/farm there. (UNLESS THAT PLACE IS PVP ENABLED)

We should respect all player here, NOT because you are higher in rank / buffer and have many friends then you can start threat minority player by not helping / group hunting together later on, That is so wrong and what kind of childish attitude there.

Thank you, and as always have fun

Sunday, 25 February 2018: Ranked Event Results
Here is our Ranked event results

Nian Hunter Angpao Collector

Rank 1 Trabalista ZombieIceCream
Rank 1 player will get 1500 Chronus, Legend Mark, Event only mount and a pair of subaccessories

Rank 2 InoPig LoRdHeRy
Rank 2 player will get 1000 Chronus, Legend Mark and a pair of subaccessories

Rank 3 fira blackbtm
Rank 3 player will get 500 Chronus and Legend Mark

Consolation Price (Each Player will get 200 Chronus)

Thank you for participation, Prizes will be distributed soon in this few days. We will see you again in the next event soon.

If you don't see your name in the list, that could be because you already won the other event, or you have been disqualified
You can nmail me if you need some clarification.

Thank you

Friday, 23 February 2018: CNY, Valentine, Anniversary and Ranked Event Ended
It seem the script ended the CNY event earlier than announced date :D sorry, my bad. but it is alright since I don't see lots of activity inside the Event cave anyway.

So that it we officially ended the event today, all related event items (except some exchanged item) will be automatically removed upon re-login

We will finalize all the ranked event result soon, the prize will be distributed soon after all score has been verified (Estimated around 3-7 days).

Thanks to all participants, the event was a blast, lots of nian killed and angpao has been collected, we will see you again on the next event soon.

NOTE: 25% Chronus bonus for top up are still available until 25th Feb.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018: Anniversary and Valentine Event
Today 14th of February is our anniversary day, talk to Mark at Trowulan to get our 7 days Ultimate Royal Weapon.

Valentine day quest from last year also has been re-activated

Thank you and have fun :)

Monday, 12 February 2018: Ranked Event Changes/Updates
Angpao Collector

We have decided to change the angpao collector event works, it would be funny if the highest Nian's hunter also the winner of the angpao collector event.

So we will reset the current Angpao collector score and introduce new way to get score for this event.
Now you can press 'h' button to hand your angpao to your friends or anyone you wanted to, only the receiver will get the Angpao collector score. Both of you will get new legend marks

Please give your angpao to someone else and not your ALT's, we have record of all your ALT, if your ALT come out as the Top 3 at the end of event it will automatically disqualified;

You have to face to face with your friend to hand your angpao correctly.

Each unique player can only won 1 reward, beside the top 3 we will also give out consolation prize based on your effort during the event

Sunday, 11 February 2018: Chinese New Year
The event has been started go to east Trowulan find the npc and complete the quest :)

We wish all player a happy and prosperous new year.

During this Chinese new year event we also give out another 25% bonus for every Chronus top up

Have fun :)

Saturday, 10 February 2018: Ranked Event Details
Nian's Hunter
Inside event cave there are Nian's that will be randomly spawned, you will need a firework to kill it, simply press space when facing the Nian, be carefull they are very agile, so act fast.
You can do group inside the event cave, but only the last hitter get the score for ranking. Do not worry getting killed inside the cave, you will not lose anything at all.

Angpao Collector
When you killed the Nian inside the cave, you will have a chance to loot an Angpao, get a group inside the event cave is better since when the Nian's died all member inside the group has a chance to loot an Angpao, everytime you get an angpao inside the cave your score will be updated.

Have Fun :)

You can exchange angpao for fireworks, make sure you have plenty of fireworks before entering the event cave.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018: Chinese New Year + Ranked Event
The Chinese new year event will begin from 11 February 2018 00:00 (GMT+7) until 25 February 2018 23:59 (GMT+7), There are 2 ranked event related with the Chinese new year event also.

The top 3 of this ranked event will recieve a reward package listed below

Rank 1st reward:
A Legend Mark, 1500 Chronus, a pair of subaccessories and a rare event mount

Rank 2nd reward:
A Legend Mark, 1000 Chronus and a pair of subaccessories

Rank 3rd reward:
A Legend Mark and 500 Chronus

Reward will be given after the event ended and all the rank data verified, you will be disqualified if we found any suspicious activity during the event. We will post the ranked event details one day prior it is started.

During this Chinese new year event we also give out another 25% bonus for every Chronus top up

Thank you and have fun :)

NOTE: You can see the ranking list by pressing MENU button then select Ranking. The ranking will be updated and sorted once every 10 minutes.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018: Ranking List (In-game menu)
We have activated the ranking list in-game (Press Menu button then select Ranking), there are few bugs present but overall it is working nicely :p

Some of the ranking list are still empty but we will populate the data soon enough

We will be adding new ranked event soon, hopefully it can be done before Chinese New Year :p (hopefully.. if all goes smoothly lol)

Thank you and have a wonderful day

Saturday, 27 January 2018: Bug Fix and other minor improvement
Fix Gruzar AOE not working, it should works properly now when AOE leveled up

Bounty Job, now can be canceled but you will need to pay the cancelation fee

Thank you

Sunday, 31 December 2017: Happy New Year 2018
Happy New Year to all our player and family.

May the new year bring new hopes, new aspirations, new joys and and new successes in your life's journey.

We have started the New Year event as well.

Thank you and have fun :) It's a looooooooong holiday :p

Saturday, 23 December 2017: Automated Bot Check
We have improved our bot detection system. Now it will check based on your activity in the maps and if it detected the same pattern you will be given a math answer bot check to verify if you are a human, simply answer the question correctly and you will be fine.

We know it is sucks, but we do not tolerate any automated bot in here.

Thank you, happy holiday and have fun

Thursday, 14 December 2017: Christmas
It is started and the event will end on 28th December 2017 which will be continued with New Year event. You can start the quest by talking to Baile at south Buya

During this event we are also giving out 20% extra for top up Chronus (bonus end on 9 January 2018).

Thank you and have fun :)

Sunday, 10 December 2017: Exchange eNexia Points
Now you can change your ePoints at Blackmarket Kafra NPC or from F2 menu by selecting Blackmarket Kafra then Exchange eNexia Points menu. We have plenty of listed item that could be exchanged, we may adding more item later on as we deem it would be fit in there.

So start collecting your points now, by just online daily (accumulating 6 hours online time), completing bounty, or simply top up or spending your available Chronus

Oh and lastly we have reduced overall required karma to unlock health and mind trial by 2 level (from initial level 7 to level 5 and so on). That should be able to unlock you vita/mana cap a little bit earlier.

Thank you and have fun :p

Sunday, 10 December 2017: Forgotten your character name?
Now you can recover it as long as you still remember what is the email associated with it, all you need to do is just follow this link below and follow the instruction


If you don't remember the email address, then sorry we have no other way to recover this

Thank you :)

Saturday, 9 December 2017: eNexia Point and Bounty System
We have added new point system to give a better reward all our loyal players. There are few ways to gain this eNexia Point

1. Accumulating 6 hours online time in one day (online time is calculated per minute, so you there is no need to keep online for 6 hours straight) - (1 point)
2. Completing the bounty job posted by other players - (1 point)
3. Top up Chronus and Spending the Chronus (1 point for every 100 chronus top up or 1 point per 200 chronus spent)

This point can be used to exchange prize that will be added on next updates.

There is also Hunter point from the Bounty system, we have planned a few things that only can be accessed base on your Hunter rank, so make sure you get those bounty Job when they are announced

Currently only the Major quest can be posted as a Bounty Job, we will adding more Bounty-able quest soon after evaluating this system.

NOTE: If you put your major quest as a bounty job it will be completed automagically when your target is killed by the 'Bounty Hunter', but of course you need to be active and on the same map and party with the 'Bounty Hunter'

Thank you and have fun :)

Oh you are asking for the NPC?? come on just look for it the map is not that big, we have lots of shadow rogues all over our kingdom :p

Wednesday, 6 December 2017: Chronus Top Up and Spending Bonus
As an appreciation to all players that keep supporting our server, now for every 100 chronus you top up (or every 200 chronus you spend on single transaction) you will gain 1 minutes of 'King Edric's blessing' buff.

This buff is same with Jadespear's Blessing plus 10% additional Exp from hunting. This blessing also have some effects that will slightly increase your Might, Will and Grace, Armor, and Dam bonus. There is also 5 secs Vita/Mana Regen buff and additional 1 exp for Gathering skill (shepherd, lumberjack and mining)

NOTE: The double exp buff does not stack with Jadespear's Blessing and Double XP hour, it will only stack with Divine Blessing (star, moon, sun inspiration)

Thank you for your support and have fun :)

Monday, 4 December 2017: Mythic Soul Trader
The NPC has been added, she will not talk to you if you havent reach the requirement

Thank you and have fun




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