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Nagnang 4 Devil

Preparing Kajang Glove [Nagnang 130,48]

2 Steel Key
2 Steel Statue (both Iron cave in Jaecheon Forest)
2 Zibong Essence (Mountain Robber cave)
10 Gods Slice (Haunted House 7-10)
10 Crystal Slice (Artic)
2 Ilbon Knife (2nd grave elite , Ee-mudum Avenger)
10 Bronze Compass (Merchant subpath NPC to trade Wooden Compass from Mountain Robber cave)
100.000 Golds

Without this glove you will deal 1 damage to those devils. 1 glove gives you 50% damage to the devils and pair will makes you hit 100% damage. Only hitter need to wear it , other people can get kill counts from partying.

Bring party to kill them at this coordinates

42,28 North
32,46 East
10,49 West
15,78 South

Report on 130,48 to get Bloody Sword , legend mark and small amount of karma.

Author: Dragon (5/23)


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