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First Mark Quest

1. Collect all 12 kinds of elements key from all mythic spirit mini bosses. Bring 1,5m exp too.

2. Go to Mythic 1 / outside mythic (55,45) and trade those into Key of Life.

3. Go to north Nagnang and pay up 100k to enter Sacred Place

4. Talk to Udohorn for grade 1 requirement. MAKE SURE YOU GET "First Mark Quest Updated" notification on this part before proceeding. You MUST able to enter dungeon to get the Trivia part.

Requirements :

Stats for Warrior 100k vita 25k mana , Rogue 80k/35k , Poet 80k/40k , Mage 30k/60k
Joined any subpath
50 Minor Quest
Skilled in any Gathering (Mining / Lumberjack / Sheperd)
25 Zibong Essence (Mountain robber in Jacheon Forest gate east)
Korean Flower (Trivia)
Dark Slime of Samyeon (Quest boss drop)

5. Prepare a party up to 8 person on Sacred Place

6. Choose 2nd option on Udohorn to Open Dungeon. You will transported to Samyeon instance dungeon.

7. Clear all mobs in first 9 room and boss on 10th room. He will drop DSS at 100% rate (make sure its picked by right person , DSS cant be traded or dropped).

8. If you have DSS and cleared all the mobs , click NPC in 10th room for Trivia. Answer Trivia consisting of 5 random eNexia basic knowledge to get Korean Flower.

10. Get out from the Samyeon instance after finishing trivia and go to Udohorn.

11. You will teleported to Sacred Temple.

12. Click totem statue representing your path (Warrior ChungRyong , Rogue Baekho , Mage Jujak , Poet Hyunmoo) and get your first mark , 1m coins and huge karma boost.

13. Dont forget to learn spell on there.

Author: Dragon (5/19)


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