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Poet Subpath Skills


Druid Revival - 99
Self ressurection magic.

Lightning Storm - 90
Call lightning to strike enemy in area

Lightning Strike - 85
Call lightning to strike single enemy


Hyunmoo Revival - 99
Call the power of hyunmoo to restore vita and mana, and able to resurrect yourself.

Inspire Valor - 80
Gives your mana to party

Sacred Song - 90
Sing a lullaby to make foes around to sleep


Awe - 90
Paralyzed surrounding mob for a while

Bless Soul - 80
Use potion to regen target health and mind over time.

Monk Revival - 99
Self ressurection magic.


Muse Dye - 85
Dye Player with special muse dye - not implemented yet

Muse Revival - 99
Self ressurection magic.

Sacred Verse - 80
Increase party defense

Summon Fox - 90
Summon a Fox to help you.

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