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Quest bahasa anjing koordinat yg bener.

1. Go to Gungnae by using teleporter in Inn
2. Exit the inn and say Hello and Bark! (dont forget to type !)
3. Go To Buya X: 132 Y: 138 and you will see a dog
4. Type Bark! and Woof!
5. Go to Gungnae again and warp to South, enter south 2 times
6. You will reach Gungnae Silla Cross Road and proceed to
X: 039 Y:018
7. Go to Silla X: 004 Y: 041
8. Type Woof! and Grrowl! (Grrowl is using double R)
9. Finally go to Trowulan (either using tele or Market)
10. Upon reaching Trowulan Go to X:129 Y:064
11. Type Grrowl!
12. Done.

Author: ZapCure (4/1)


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