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Level 99 accesoris quest

Quest start by YELLING "Mystery Scroll" nearby the npc name Doro at east gugnae (195;118) he will ask u to bring "10 gold chesnut"

after u give him the item he will give u "mystery scroll 1" and ask u to meet Nien in buya (097;122)

find tailor Dong in gugnae (075;147) he will ask u to bring "10 amethyst" for him and he will give u "pure amethyst"

drop the "pure amethyst" at south gugnae (105;217)

find Bumba at north trowulan (085;004) he will ask u to bring "30 star point' and kill 1 white scorpion, 1 green scorpion (refer to giant scorpion), and 1 red scorpion at buya scorpion cave (033;046)

after u finish the task and bring him "30 star point" he will give u "mystery scroll 2"

bring those scroll to Lordo at dae shore (075;031)

he will tell u to see Lie the drunk at gugnae (062;157) he will ask u for "1 old red ring" (u can buy it at buya acc shop)

find Seon at north gugnae (126;017) he will take those 2 mystery scroll and ask for "20 bone"

go to city guard at any gate at gugnae he will tell u to go to jaechon forest locate at north of gugnae or south of buya

this kinda hard cos the npc is wondering around the forest (i happen to found him at 181;029)

go to 170;049 jaechon forest and a pop up will appear follow the conversation and....

Congratulation u have finish the quest
u will get pair of acc and legend mark

best regard
kutumbaba & wind

Author: kutumbaba (3/6)


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