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Processing and Gathering guide remake

I will make this short so I dont waste your time reading.
Press M for map
You can use warp from inn

Gathering NPC :
Become a miner - Volcano 54,90
Become a shepperd - Hinterlands 92,29
Become a lumberjack - Ancient Path 44,22

For Miner :
Iron ore - Volcano 45,28
Bronze ore - Tanais 41,116

For Shepperd :
Wool - Hinterlands 92,29 then go to top right corner
Wool(2) More wool, harder sheep - Tanais 11,40

For Lumberjack :
Ash Log - Ancient Path 58,23
Cedar Log - Tanais 61,89

Processing NPC :
Become a Smelter (Process ore to bar) - Trowulan 56,62
Become a Weaver (Process wool to clothes/fine clothes) - Trowulan 90,127
Become a Sawmiller (Process Log to Board) - Ancient Path 44,22
Become a Gem Cutter (Process Amber) - Tanais 06,46

Author: habaek (12/20)




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