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Rescuing Prince Mhul

1. Go meet King Edric in Trowulan Castle. He will send you to meet the Gungnae librarian who knows about Samguk Sagi, a historical record, to help you start the quest.

2. Meet the librarian at Gungnae Library (168, 124). He will ask you to bring 1 mirror, 1 ink, 1 paper, 10 charm white amber, 10 magical white amber, and 25 gods slice to make a Samguk Sagi copy. He will need an hour to finish that copy.

3. After an hour you can get the Samguk Sagi copy. Use it to update the quest.

4. Find the writer of Samguk Sagi, Kim Busik in Silla (075,063). Kim Busik will tell you where the prince was lost in the western part of Jacheon Forest.

5. Look for Mitan-Myeon cave at Jacheon Forest (026,175) and kill 50 Dokkaebi (s). You should search for the right entrance to get you through to the last room where the Prince is being prisoned.

6. Free Prince Mhul, and return him safely to his father.

Quest Reward:
100,000,000 exp
500,000 gold

Author: Moran (5/28)


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